Park & Jet Calgary wants to make sure you're enjoying the benefits of Aeroplan.

(What? Never heard of it? Aren't a member? We suggest you check it out … and no, we don't own shares in Aeroplan!!)

The Offer

We've decided to give away 50,000 Aeroplan Miles (taxes not included) EVERY MONTH from now until December as part of our commitment to Pay It Forward.

The Reality

That's equivalent to two tickets anywhere in Canada or the Continental USA.

The Procedure

All you have to do is park your car with us and swipe your Aeroplan Card.

We're just going to repeat that…

All you have to do is park your car with us and swipe your Aeroplan Card.

Couldn't be easier, right?

In any case, you were probably going to park with us to enjoy our low rates and convenient trunk-to-trunk service.

Now, you can even win free flights for something you were planning on doing anyway.

We suggest you get started…

Here's the link again to get your Aeroplan card, if you don't have one already.

Now all you have to do is park!

Somebody's got to win these miles, and it might as well be you!

Here's the fine print!

 Park & Jet Give Away

*The number of Aeroplan Miles required for the destination is accurate as of April 12, 2019 of communication and is subject to change at any time by Aeroplan Inc. According to Aeroplan's current reward chart, destinations reflect a roundtrip Fixed Mileage Flight Reward(r) in Economy Class departing from within Canada or the continental US (plus applicable fees and taxes). Fixed Mileage Flight Reward availability is capacity controlled and is subject to availability at time of booking as well as seasonality of demand. Aeroplan Flight Rewards are subject to taxes, landing and departure fees, and other charges and surcharges may apply. Aeroplan Partners, rules and regulations are subject to change without notice. For full details on Aeroplan's current reward chart, please visit

  Posted: Monday, April 1st, 12:00pm 21 days ago

I was taking about my upcoming trip on my show and I mentioned I was flying out of Calgary. I then asked my listeners do they normally stay and park at a hotel, use Airport parking or off site? Several called to say I should try Park & Jet! I’m looking forward to using your service. Thanks! -Tank Montana - Breakfast Show Host Sunny 94FM

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