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Does your car need a tune-up?

And what's a tune-up anyway?

Let's deal with the second question first.

Traditional tune-ups were used to get the ignition and fuel systems up to spec. To achieve this, some worn parts were replaced, and some other parts were adjusted.

So, does your car need a tune-up?

Well, it depends. How old is your car?

If it is a model from before 1999, then yes, it does. Otherwise, a tune-up in the traditional sense is a thing of the past for your vehicle.

Nowadays, engine computers regulate everything, so there is virtually nothing to 'tune-up.' However, there is still a long list of performance checks which can keep your car running at an optimum level. Check out this article for detailed information about what should be checked and replaced if necessary.

Anyway though, no matter what you call it, your car could be gifted its next 'tune-up.'

Park & Jet has teamed up with the Gear Shop to gift some lucky car with a tune-up gift certificate.

We're giving away a CAR MAINTENANCE GIFT CERTIFICATE — Worth $292!!

Courtesy of The Gear Shop, the gift certificate is for a Gear Shop Maintenance Service Inc: Motul 6 Cyl Oil and Filter which includes the following:

  • Replace engine oil & filter.
  • Remove & inspect engine air filter element.
  • Lubricate locks, latches, & hinges.
  • Confirm lights, horn & wipers function properly.
  • Check coolant, brake, transmission & washer fluid levels.
  • Perform battery service and comprehensive electrical charging system evaluation.
  • Inspect valve clearance (audibly).
  • Inspect drive belts for damage, adjust tension if required.
  • Check steering gear box, linkage and shock absorbers for looseness, damage or leakage.
  • Inspect ball joints and dust covers, driveshaft and steering rack boots, chassis nuts & bolts for looseness or damage.
  • Remove wheel and brake drum, check pad/shoe thickness. Examine brake calipers, wheel cylinders and brake lines.
  • Inspect fuel and exhaust systems for leaks or damage.
  • Examine tires for damage and wear, check & adjust pressure (rotate if required, additional charge).
  • Perform road test.

Feeling generous? You can nominate someone to win this awesome prize, or you can have someone nominate you!

Simply tag the person you want to nominate on our Facebook Post along with a comment about why you're nominating them and they could win a Gear Shop Gift Certificate! Contest runs from June 4 to June 30, 2019.

For full contest details, check out our Contest Rules.

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I was taking about my upcoming trip on my show and I mentioned I was flying out of Calgary. I then asked my listeners do they normally stay and park at a hotel, use Airport parking or off site? Several called to say I should try Park & Jet! I’m looking forward to using your service. Thanks! -Tank Montana - Breakfast Show Host Sunny 94FM