Calgary Airport Parking

No, we're not talking about that kind of boosting!!! Read on…

We want to signal boost one of the advantages of parking with Park & Jet Calgary.

No ego boost intended, but when your car is in need of a boost, Park & Jet is at your service.

OK…enough with the 'boosting' already!

Right…but seriously now…returning home from a lovely trip to find your car with a dead battery is a mood killer, for sure. Our Park & Jet team will come to your rescue, so you will hardly feel the inconvenience.

Long-term parking? Disconnect your car battery.

More than ever before, today's 'tech-enabled' cars use battery power even when the engine is off. Electricity users are GPS and anti-theft systems, proximity sensors, and data links, to name just a few examples. So, it is recommended to disconnect your battery when leaving your vehicle parked for more than a few days.

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Park & Jet Convenient Airport Parking

  Posted: Thu Jun 6th 2019 12:00pm  a year ago

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Just wanted to send a big THANK YOU to the service truck driver and the supervisor on duty. My car had a dead battery when I returned from my trip, and both of them were so nice and so helpful in getting it boosted and started!! Just thought they should both be recognized for their great customer service!! Thanks guys!! -Donna Thomson