No, we're not talking about that kind of boosting!!! Read on…

We want to signal boost one of the advantages of parking with Park & Jet Calgary.

No ego boost intended, but when your car is in need of a boost, Park & Jet is at your service.

OK…enough with the 'boosting' already!

Right…but seriously now…returning home from a lovely trip to find your car with a dead battery is a mood killer, for sure. Our Park & Jet team will come to your rescue, so you will hardly feel the inconvenience.

Long-term parking? Disconnect your car battery.

More than ever before, today's 'tech-enabled' cars use battery power even when the engine is off. Electricity users are GPS and anti-theft systems, proximity sensors, and data links, to name just a few examples. So, it is recommended to disconnect your battery when leaving your vehicle parked for more than a few days.

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Park & Jet Convenient Airport Parking

  Posted: Thursday, June 6th, 12:00pm 5 months ago

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I was taking about my upcoming trip on my show and I mentioned I was flying out of Calgary. I then asked my listeners do they normally stay and park at a hotel, use Airport parking or off site? Several called to say I should try Park & Jet! I’m looking forward to using your service. Thanks! -Tank Montana - Breakfast Show Host Sunny 94FM