How do YOU remember where you parked your car?

If it's in a large parking lot at a shopping centre, for instance, you probably try to remember the letter and number of the nearest pole marker…you know, those signs in the sky.

A reminder for your wallet

At Park & Jet Calgary, we give you a hand. When you board the shuttle bus to the airport, our driver hands you a little ticket with your parking row number on it. This ticket is just the right size to store in your wallet or a small pocket of your laptop bag.

The 'peril' of being a regular customer

We have many regular customers. Here's what happened to one of them…

Let's call him 'Sam.'

So, Sam travels for business several times a month. When he gets his reminder ticket, he sticks it into a certain pocket in his laptop bag.

Usually, Sam remembers where he's parked his car, which means he never looks for his reminder ticket…and so, the ticket stays in the laptop bag pocket.

Are you getting the picture?

A needle in a haystack

Anyway, this time, Sam didn't remember his parking row number, so he opened the pocket to take out his reminder ticket.

For sure it was there…along with about 15 other tickets. Hmmm….

Our shuttle bus driver was kind and patient. He drove Sam up and down the parking rows according to each and every reminder ticket Sam had.

Since Park & Jet Calgary has 4000 parking spaces, it took some time until they finally found the car.

Needless to say, Sam threw out ALL the reminder tickets he had collected.

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Park & Jet Convenient Airport Parking

  Posted: Tuesday, June 18th, 12:00pm 5 months ago

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Just wanted to send a big THANK YOU to the service truck driver and the supervisor on duty. My car had a dead battery when I returned from my trip, and both of them were so nice and so helpful in getting it boosted and started!! Just thought they should both be recognized for their great customer service!! Thanks guys!! -Donna Thomson