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As a business traveller and nexus card holder, I love Park and Jet because I can go to the airport at the very last minute; the bus is always waiting in the assigned row. They efficiently take me directly to my door. Especially when it's international, there's barely any walking involved.

On my way back, I can look from the airport windows and wait in the warmth until I see the Park and Jet bus, which takes me directly back to my car.

On my way out, I go to the booth and get my Aeroplan miles topped up.

The trunk-to-trunk service is really efficient and convenient.

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Park & Jet Convenient Airport Parking

  Posted: Thu Feb 6th 2020 1:00pm  9 months ago

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Just wanted to send a big THANK YOU to the service truck driver and the supervisor on duty. My car had a dead battery when I returned from my trip, and both of them were so nice and so helpful in getting it boosted and started!! Just thought they should both be recognized for their great customer service!! Thanks guys!! -Donna Thomson