Kansas City, Kansas City, Here I Come…

Why would anyone want to go to Kansas City of all places?

(Besides Wizard of Oz fans, that is.)

Interestingly enough, Kansas City has a lot to recommend it.

The famous Fodor's travel guide has found five:

1. This "City of Fountains" is second only to Rome. It's also got lots of parks and wide boulevards that call you to stroll down them.

2. KC's full of boutique shopping options: handcrafts, trend-setting labels (and those that are up-and-coming), plus everything you need for the modern lifestyle—even in-house-made jeans.

3. The accommodations are excellent. From hotels to dining to partying, Kansas City has got options for everyone's tastes.

4. Check out a Royals baseball game (in season) or take a tour of Arrowhead Stadium, home to the Kansas City Chiefs, and eat an award-winning Z-man sandwich from Joe’s Kansas City.

5. Art lovers can enjoy themselves at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art—both have free admission. There are private art galleries, too, with great exhibitions of local and regional art.

You say that you need things for the kiddies?

Kansas City has heard you loud and clear.

Check out Worlds of Fun. This entertainment option has got rides, water activities, and seasonal happenings.

KC Parent lists 100 'geared for children' things that are free (or very low cost) to do. We thought almost all of them were things that even adults would like!

KC Kids Fun has an events calendar to clue you in to what's happening each day of the year.

Need more info?

Visit KC's event calendar to see what's on for people of all ages.

If you like driving, by all means go for it.

Just know that Kansas City is about a 23-hour drive from Calgary.

We think that at just 2 1/2 hours, it's better to fly.

Here at Park and Jet Calgary we will get you to and from your car and the plane… and take excellent care of your vehicle until you return.

Did we hear you say, "Kansas City, here we come"?

posted December 19, 2017

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