3 Smartphone Travel Apps You Should Download Now

Smartphones are quickly becoming a traveler's best friend. They open us up to information that wasn't always readily available on-the-go.

Download these three apps to help your next trip be the best one yet:

1. TripCase

Trip Case is an award-winning travel app that helps you keep track of all your travel plans and keep your friends and family informed of your whereabouts.Trip Case lets you manage all aspects of your itinerary in one place, like your flights, accommodations, car rentals, meetings, restaurants you want to visit, and more.

2. Bravolol

Bravolol is a language-learning app with 20 bilingual dictionaries and phrasebooks for 18 different languages! The words and phrases in this app are pretty simple but it is a great resource for people who are traveling to a country where they don't speak the language. This app also gives information about pronunciation and doesn't require an internet connection to use.

3. Guides By Lonely Planet

The Guides By Lonely Planet App lets you explore carefully curated guides to more than 100 cities. With offline maps and powerful filters, this app lets travelers plan the perfect trip by discovering cities' hidden gems. Use this app to discover the best sightseeing locations and popular shops and cafes.


From keeping track of your itinerary and communicating in foreign languages to finding the best spots for sightseeing: there's an app for that.

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  Posted: Wed Mar 29th 2017 2:01pm  4 years ago

posted March 29, 2017

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