4 Great Travel Destinations in April

Spring is a beautiful time of year for travelling. Temperatures in many places around the world warm up, festivals start, flowers and plants are in full bloom.

Feeling adventurous? It's not too late to start planning a last-minute spring vacation now and enjoy some relaxation, culture, and scenery this month. Or start planning next year's vacation!

Here are 4 great travel destinations in April:

1. Kyoto, Japan

Beautiful cherry blossoms are at their peak in Kyoto in early April. The weather is starting to warm up in Japan at this time of year, with average temperatures around 10 to 20 degrees Celsius.

Kyoto is a great place to take in breathtaking Japanese temples, and it holds several festivals throughout the year, including the Cherry Blossom Festival in April.

2. Antalya, Turkey

Antalya is a great destination for travellers who enjoy white sand beaches, scenery, and historical sights. Old architecture and some of Turkey's finest museums can be found in Antalya.

3. Palermo, Italy

Palermo is a great cultural hub in Sicily, Italy. In spring, the average temperature in Palermo is around 16 degrees Celsius and rains are infrequent.

The city is rich in history with beautiful churches, lively markets, beaches, and botanic gardens. Those who are brave enough can even take a trip to see some catacombs.

4. Namibia, Africa

If you are looking for an exotic, sunny, virtually rain-free vacation, Namibia may be right for you. Enjoy wildlife, camping, and stunning nature. This part of Africa is politically stable and is not highly populated.

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posted April 3, 2017

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