4 Impressive Environmentally-Friendly Innovations Around the World

At a time when capitalism is running rampant and environmental well-being sometimes seems like an afterthought, it can be great to see examples of human ingenuity being used to make the world a better place.

If you're a fan of innovation, try adding these innovative locations into your travel itinerary!

Here are four impressive examples of environmentally-friendly innovations around the world:

1. Poland’s Glow-in-the-Dark Bike Path

This bike path can be found in Northern Poland. It is made of a synthetic material that runs on solar power for up to 10 hours! This glowing, blue bike path is quite dazzling, and it makes bicycle riding even more eco-friendly by making it more accessible and safe at night.

2. Wildlife Crossings

These brilliant bridges and crossings make it safer for animals to travel through high-traffic areas. They can be found around the world, including in Canada, the Netherlands, the USA, France, and Germany. Travelling to destinations that take environmental and animal well-being seriously is a bonus!

3. 3D-Printed Buildings

3D-printed buildings are starting to become more common around the world as real estate developers see how much more efficient the process can be. The first 3D-printed apartment building was constructed in China in 2015. This method of building is cheaper, faster, and produces less waste than the alternatives.

4. Solar Panel Roadway in France

A 1km stretch of solar roadway was installed in France with the hopes of generating enough electricity to power a small town for a year. Now there are plans to install these test roadways on three other continents in 2017, including one in Calgary.

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We'll keep your car safe while you check out Poland's glow-in-the-dark bike path or visit China's 3D-printed buildings.

posted June 14, 2018

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