4 Popular Wellness Retreats for De-Stressing Around the World

Health and wellness is front and center in people’s minds these days. More and more people are realizing that taking care of yourself both physically and mentally is the best way to live a happy, healthy, and productive life.

Wellness retreats have become a popular way to vacation with an emphasis on health, so you return home feeling rejuvenated and ready to get back to the ‘real world’.

Here are 4 popular wellness retreats around the world right now:

1. Skyros Holistic Holiday

Where: Greece

When: July - September

Skyros Holistic Holidays are perfect learning holidays for solo travelers and groups, offering a mixture of activities including art, music, writing, singing, dancing, and more.

2. Ayurvedic Rejuvenation at Ananda in the Himalayas

Where: India

When: Various dates available

This package uses a combination of Ayurvedic treatments, body type based diets, yoga, and meditation to help boost immunity, eliminate toxins, and restore vitality to the body.

3. Adventure Mindful Running Retreat

Where: Boulder, CO

When: August 10 - 13 and 17 - 20

Mindful Running Retreats are a great way to meet like-minded people who are interested in travel, health, and fitness.

While exploring great towns, you get to eat delicious and healthy foods, learn how to bring mindfulness and meditation into your life, and build a sense of community with new friends.

4. REI Outessa

Where: Various states

When: August 18-20 and September 22 - 24

REI Outessa hosts fun outdoor weekends designed for women only. These retreats take place for three days and allow you to choose from hundreds of activities to participate in.

Enjoy chef-cooked meals, push your boundaries, and adventure outdoors with a group of women just like you!

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posted August 10, 2017

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