4 Tips for Getting the Best Seat on a Plane

Plane rides can be difficult. Having a great seat can make you more comfortable, in turn making your plane ride more enjoyable. Let’s say you have your pick of seats. How will you choose? We’ve outlined a few tips to help you get the best seat on the plane.

Book Quickly

By booking earlier, you are more likely to get the seats you want. Planes can fill up quickly, so booking sooner will ensure that you get the best pick.

Keep Turbulence in Mind

Turbulence is inevitable, however, different parts of the plane experience turbulence differently. When rough air hits, it can be frightening, however, by sitting in the front wing, you can mitigate some of that turbulence, making it more stable. The further behind the wing that you are, the more sway you can experience.

Aisle or Window?

This really depends and is mainly based on personal preference. If you plan on sleeping, we say go for the window. This allows you to rest your head. If you long for more room and have a tendency to get a bit claustrophobic, we suggest going with the aisle seat. This will also allow you to get up whenever you want to stretch your legs.

Exit Row Isn’t What it Seems

Most people think that choosing the exit row will have the most space. However, it is important to keep in mind that these seats will not recline. The seats in the last row will not recline either.

posted August 2, 2016

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