5 Amazing Places to Travel to in January

It's the beginning of a new year and you're ready to get it started with an awesome vacation. Here are 5 destinations to visit in January with great weather, scenery, and culture for you to soak up.

1. Thailand

The average temperature in Thailand in January is 27 degrees Celsius, with lows of 22 degrees and highs of 32 degrees. The humidity is low at this time of year because it is after monsoon season. Thailand is a tropical paradise with tons of wildlife and beautiful Buddhist temples.

2. Mexico

January is one of the coolest times of year in Cancun, Mexico, but the average temperature there is still a warm 23 degrees. If you live somewhere that's cold in the winter, Mexico's resorts can offer a fun and relaxing holiday at the beach.

3. Australia

Spots like Tasmania and areas of Southern Australia average at around 23 degrees in January. This is the perfect time for beach-going and enjoying all of the nature, culture, and festivals that Australia has to offer this month.

4. Vietnam

South Vietnam is a great destination for travellers looking for warm weather in January. With an average temperature of 26 degrees, visitors can expect blue skies, barely any rain, cultural excursions, and gorgeous scenery.

5. Chile

The temperature in Santiago, Chile, averages at around 21 degrees in January and hotel prices are quite affordable during this month. Chile is a great country to visit if you want to see breathtaking landscapes and architecture. They have some great beaches, too!

posted January 17, 2017

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