5 Mistakes to Avoid on an Airplane

Air travel can be full of mistakes. To help you have flawless air travels, here are some tips you need to keep in mind.

Don’t Run Late

This may seem obvious, however, it’s still really important to note. Allow enough time to go through all of the airport procedures, including check-in security, and arrive at the gate with enough time before boarding. If you are the type that likes to leave everything until the last minute, you should definitely correct this before travelling. If not, you can end up stressed and irritable.

Flying Sick

It’s one thing to fly if you have a few sniffles, however, if you have a full fledged flu, then stay home. Not only will you be uncomfortable, but it’s dangerous to other passengers and the crew, too.

Testing Over the Counter Meds While Flying

If you are looking to take a sleeping pill or relaxant while on the plane, don’t take it for the first time while flying. You never know how your body will react. For example, an OTC sleeping pill could in fact make you wired and strung out instead of sleepy. See how your body reacts at home before trying it when flying.

Drinking Alcohol

Sure, a drink before you get on the plane is nice, however, drinking too much can become a problem. Not only is the air dry on a plane, but coupling it with drinking alcohol can make you pretty dehydrated. If you do opt for an alcoholic beverage, be sure to drink plenty of bottled water to stay hydrated.

Packing Necessities

Don’t expect things like a special meal, pillows, diapers, bottled water, etc. If you really need something, come prepared and bring the items yourself.

posted September 6, 2016

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