5 Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Spring

Cherry blossoms are the beautiful flowers that grow on Japanese cherry or sakura trees that are found in many locations around the world, mostly in the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere.

The flowers that bloom on sakura trees are typically white or pink and look almost like clouds when they are in full bloom.

Where they grow, there are almost always festivals that celebrate these beautiful trees and their links to Japanese culture.

Here are 5 destinations where travelers can see cherry blossoms in the spring:

1. Washington, DC

The most famous spot for viewing cherry blossoms in Washington is the Tidal Basin. This gorgeous spot is home to several important monuments. Cherry blossoms can be found along the waterline.

2. Vancouver, BC

The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival takes place from March 30 to April 23 this year. A few spots where these trees can be found include Art Phillips Park, Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, and lining many streets across the city.

3. Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa, Japan is a great vacation spot for cherry blossom lovers. Travellers can drive through a 'flower tunnel' that features 4,000 trees near Mt. Yaedake in Motobu Town.

4. Brooklyn, NY

On April 29 and 30, 2017, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden launches its annual Cherry Blossom Festival, Sakura Matsuri. Check out this event to enjoy beautiful trees in bloom and over 60 events and performances to celebrate Japanese culture.

5. San Francisco, CA

San Francisco's Cherry Blossom Festival is 50 years old and features a parade from City Hall to Japantown, food, and performances. Cherry blossoms can also be spotted at the San Jose Heritage rose garden and the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate State Park.

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posted April 10, 2017

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