5 Romantic Travel Destinations in February

Valentine's Day is coming up soon. Maybe you've been thinking about booking a romantic getaway for you and your significant other, but you have no idea where.

Here are some of the top romantic vacation spots to consider visiting in February:

1. Greek Isles

February is winter in Greece, so many hotels and tourist attractions will be closed. Larger islands like Corfu, Rhodes, and Crete are more lively at this time of year and won't be as packed as they are during tourist season. Consider islands like Kea, Ikaria, and Kefalonia if you want to take part in activities like jam-making, wine-pressing, and olive-picking.

2. Italian Riviera

The Italian Riviera is a stretch of coastline famous for great views, amazing beaches, and exceptional regional cuisine. Winters on the Italian Riviera are mild and perfect for exploring the scenery, cultural attractions, and picturesque waterfront towns that this area has to offer.

3. Hawaii

If you are looking to spend part of February in a warmer climate, Hawaii is a great option. Since it is close to the equator, travellers can expect average temperatures of around 26 degrees Celsius and little rain. Plus, February is peak humpback whale season and several festivals and celebrations take place in Hawaii this month.

4. Paris

February is wintertime in Paris, with temperatures averaging at a cooler 5 degrees. Since it is the off-season, this means it won't be hard to find a hotel or flight at an affordable price. France offers tourists a wide selection of museums, shopping, and restaurants to explore, and at this time of year it won't be as crowded.

5. Fez

Fez, Morocco, has temperatures ranging from 7 degrees to 18 degrees in February, and since it's the off-season, the place won't be packed with tourists. Fez is an exotic, romantic city with stunning architecture, beautiful gardens, and a lot of culture to take in.

posted February 2, 2017

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