5 Travel Beauty Tips to Keep You Looking Fantastic

Looking your best while travelling can be a challenge. Jet lag, plane hair, and the general hustle and bustle can leave you looking tired and worn out. But don't worry, there are solutions to your most frustrating travel beauty problems and I am about to share them with you now.

Here are five travel beauty tips that will help you look fabulous during your next vacation or business trip:

1. Hair Care Tricks

A compact brush with boar bristles will be your best friend while travelling, keeping your hair smooth and tangle-free. Dry shampoo is another way to fix oily hair and keep your locks smelling great on the go.

2. Don't Wear Long-Lasting Lipstick

When travelling, avoid using long-lasting lipstick because it dehydrates your lips and makes them look dry. Instead, use a lip stain and apply clear lip gloss on top to keep your look fresh.

3. Take Care of Your Eyes

Carry around eyedrops when you travel for instant relief of red, dry, tired eyes. Apply crushed ice to the area around your eyes to reduce puffiness.

4. Moisturize

Since the climate where you are travelling to might be warmer or different than you're used to, it's important to use moisturizer with SPF daily to protect your face.

5. Don't Touch Your Face

Do your best to avoid touching your face while travelling to avoid breakouts. New places have bacteria and germs that can cause trouble for your pores since your body is unfamiliar with them. A good foundation will also protect your pores from environmental pollutants.

posted February 20, 2017

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