Air Canada and WestJet Roll Out More Wi-Fi Options

Although Canadian airlines have made a concerted effort to offering in-flight internet service, the airlines still lag behind the U.S. in terms of internet access.

Wi-Fi on Majority of North American Flights

WestJet and Air Canada, two of Canada’s largest airlines, plan to offer Wi-Fi on the majority of their North American flights this year.

Set To Be Finished By March

Air Canada has offered Wi-Fi service on 120 out of 129 of its mainline flight already, and the remaining nine aircrafts are set to be finished in March. The airline says that it is going to be offering Wi-Fi on International flights as well.

Westjet at 30 Percent

In 2015,West Jetbegan rolling outWest Jetconnect, the airlines own entertainment and Wi-Fi service. As of right now, the airline offersWest Jetconnect on 30 percent of their airlines, and is moving forward with equipping the majority of their aircrafts by the end of 2016.

Miles Ahead in Canada

WestJet and Air Canada are miles ahead of their competition. Other notable airlines such as Porter, Air Transat, and Sunwig do not offer internet services on their flights.West Jetand Air Canada clearly have a competitive advantage over airlines without Wi-Fi services.

78 Percent of US Airlines have Internet

Still, even with the largest Canadian airlines adding in internet services on their flights, they are still miles apart from the United States airlines. A report by Routehappy, a flight information service, shows that 78 percent of seat-miles on U.S. airlines have internet access, or have access being rolled out, compared to 24 percent for the rest of the world.

To read more about Air Canada and West Jet’s recent announcement about Wi-Fi services, visit CBC.

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posted February 6, 2016

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