Barlow Trail South Detour Notice

Barlow Trail South Detour Due To Airport Link N.E. Closure

Do you normally drive to Park & Jet Calgary from the northeast via Barlow Trail South and Airport Link N.E?

If so, there is a new detour being established on August 7, 2022 to September 15, 2022. The detour will only add two to three minutes of drive time so that you can safely reach our parking entrance.

Please consult the map below and follow the blue highlighted path to navigate the Barlow Trail South detour route. Please pay attention to the reduced speed and traffic signage.

YYC Airport Detour Route from Barlow Trail to Park and Jet Calgary

Know Before You Drive the Barlow Trail Detour

Please watch this driving tour video so that you understand how to easily and safely navigate along Barlow Trail south to our Park & Jet Calgary entrance. This driving video will show you the easiest route to navigate if you are coming from the northeast of Calgary from 36 Street NE or south from Country Hills Boulevard.

Business As Usual at Park & Jet

During this temporary road construction, all parking and shuttle bus operations at Park & Jet Calgary is business as usual. This does not change the way we provide you the closest and fastest on-airport park and ride service.

Please consult our frequently asked parking questions for answers to questions that you might have about our service.

Why is Airport Link N.E. Being Temporary Closed?

The Airport Link N.E. is undergoing construction to widen the road and install a new roundabout at the intersection of Airport Link N.E. and Airport Ave N.E. This road construction will facilitate future development projects that the Calgary Airport Authority has planned for the area. 

Access to the cell phone waiting lot and taxi staging area and facility will remain open.

If you are driving to Park & Jet from other areas, or outside of Calgary, please see our driving video tours so you can easily and safely navigate to our airport parking facility.

posted August 5, 2022

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