Car Care – Vehicle Refresh Station

Keep Your Car Clean and Safe

Park & Jet Calgary offers you free vehicle care when parking with us for your next trip departing from the Calgary Airport. You will want to stop at our car care station before you exit our parking facility for the drive home. Our vehicle refresh station is completely free for our valued customers.

Here is what's included at our car care station

We recently upgraded our vehicle refresh station with a customized overhead covering. This has provided a beneficial upgrade to the area so that you are protected from the elements and sun while you are servicing your vehicle.

Car Care-Vehicle Refresh Station Offerings at Park and Jet Calgary

Tire Inflation

Your vehicle’s tires support 95% of its weight at all times and impacts almost every aspect of handling and performance. That’s why maintaining and monitoring your tires’ inflation is so critical to getting the most out of your vehicle and keeping you safe.

(Source: Tire & Rubber Association of Canada)

Please ensure you inflate your tires to the correct specifications as noted by your vehicle manufacturer.

Free Tire Inflation Service at Park and Jet Calgary - 2024

Vacuum Service

You might have been in a rush getting to the Calgary Airport in order to be on time for your departing flight. Many of our customers travel into Calgary from places such as Red Deer, Lethbridge and even the BC interior. Those are long car rides.

We want you to keep the inside of your car clean and well cared for. You can use our complimentary vacuum service on the way in, or right before your return trip back home. 

Our extra long cable will allow easy access to the deepest parts of your vehicle.

We also have on-site garbage and recycling cans available to empty out all the accumulated articles that you no longer want in your vehicle.

Free Car Vacuum Station at Park and Jet Calgary - YYC Airport - 2024

Windshield Washing Service

Over 80% of the parking at the Calgary Airport is outdoor, surface parking lots. This means that your vehicle is susceptible to being rained and snowed on. 

This means that your car windows, mirrors and windshield may collect some degree of dust. We want you to have great driving visibility for the return trip home.

Please stop by our vehicle refresh station to make sure that you clean your windshield, mirrors and windows for a safe drive home.

New Windshield Wash and Garbage Removal Service at Park and Jet Calgary-YYC Airport-2024

Enter Station from Row 2

Please make sure that you enter our car care station from the north side, or Row 2. This will ensure that you can refresh your vehicle and then drive forward to our exit stations for payment. Please note that the Car Care refresh station are one-way lanes that exit to the exit plaza area. 

Car Care Station Entrance in Row 2 at Park and Jet Calgary - 2024

Exit Station To Exit Plaza

Our exit plaza has two exit lanes on the left that are engineered for cars and small vehicles. The two exit lanes on the right side are built for trucks and SUV vehicles with taller exit pay stations. You will enjoy driving home with clear windows and a clean interior. Thank you for being a loyal customer with Park & Jet Calgary. We look forward to meeting you at our parking facility at the Calgary Airport.

Exiting Vehicle Refresh Station to Row 1 at Park and Jet Calgary - 2024

posted June 28, 2022

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