Strange But True: The Abandoned Van

OK. So, you and your family were in Canada for work.

You were lucky enough to land a project in the Calgary area. It lasted for several years. You and your family enjoyed being in Canada immensely. Even the cold weather was something novel.

Now, your project has ended, and it's time to move back home. Although you sell and give away many of your things, you and your family are still left with many items you want to take home. So, you carefully pack up your precious belongings, load all your luggage into your van, and drive it to the airport.

You enter the Park & Jet Calgary parking lot and park your van.

You unload your luggage (it's a lot!) and load it onto the complimentary Park & Jet Calgary trunk-to-trunk transport vehicle, which takes you to your departure check-in area.

You present documents to the airline showing permission for extra luggage. They accept it all without a hassle. After successfully checking in, you proceed to the departure gate. Your flight boards and you and your family are on your way home.

And what about your van?

It stays in the Park & Jet Calgary parking lot!?!?!

The Park & Jet employees are sure that someone will come to collect it. Perhaps you gave it to a friend or sold it to someone. However, no one enquires about it.

One month passes. Then two.

The van isn't rented, so there is no rental company to contact. Park & Jet employees don't know where your 'home country' is, so they can't get in touch with you. What to do?

A few more months pass. After a while, it's been a year.

Finally, Park & Jet Calgary get a towing company to remove a perfectly good van.

Visit Park and Jet Calgary's Reservation Page to get a parking estimate before you fly…

and please let us know in advance if we are going to have to take care of a vehicle that needs a new home. ;

posted May 16, 2019

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