Do Good Deeds with Your Cleaned Clothes

Park & Jet Calgary heard you were doing some cleaning…

So we decided to help motivate you further and do some good for the Women In Need Society (WINS) at the same time.

What we need: Gently used business clothing for women.

Our Park & Jet Pay It Forward Donation Drive helps women have the clothes they need when going on interviews and then showing up for work.

Drop off DONATIONS at Park & Jet - 2222 Airport Ave NE Calgary, Alberta, T3J 3C6

What's the Women In Need Society (WINS)?

WINS is a local Calgary thrift charity. It aims to provide the basic needs to women in poverty and their families. WINS has been operating since 1992.

What's in it for you?

Besides knowing that you have helped some people have a better life (which is pretty big in itself), you can get a more tangible reward also.

Everyone who brings clothing, whether they park in our Park & Jet lot that day or not, will get 1 day of free parking to use anytime in the future, no expiry.

When is the Donation Drive?

Drop in anytime to hand over your gently used clothing. So, you have time to go through your cupboards, wardrobes, drawers…basically, anywhere professional women's clothes could be hiding.

You can read more about WINS here.

If you would like to host your own WINS event, you can find out 'how to' here.

Get an estimate before you park.

posted October 24, 2019

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