EV Parking at Calgary Airport

Do you own an electric vehicle and are looking for EV parking at the Calgary International Airport?

Park & Jet Calgary recently installed new EV ("electric vehicle") charging stations. We currently offer four, new electric vehicle ("EV") parking spaces that are available on a first come, first served basis. This is our initial offering of new EV parking charging infrastructure for serving our Calgary Airport parkers. As demand from our parkers increases, we will increase the number of EV parking spaces at our parking facility.

Let's cover the key features of our EV charging stations and some common questions that electric vehicle owners like you may be asking before deciding where to park for your next trip.

Electric Vehicle-EV-Parking with Park and Jet Calgary at YYC Airport

What type of electric vehicle charging stations does Park & Jet Calgary use?

We have partnered with Sun Country Highway (Canadian owned) to provide their exceptional EV50D dual charging stations for your exclusive use when parking with us at the Calgary Airport. Our EV stations can charge two electric vehicles safely at one time.

The EV50D charging station is a 40 Amp, Level 2 hardwired station. Level 2 is a fast charging station.

The EV50D splits electricity between two vehicles. Up to 20 Amps of electricity is provided to each electric vehicle when both are charging, with up to 40 Amps when one vehicle is charging.

This universal charging station will charge any electric vehicle using the standard SAE J1772 connector provided on the 25 foot charging cables provided for easy access to the vehicle from the charging stand.
(Source: https://suncountryhighway.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Sun_Country_Highway_EVSeries.pdf)

Sun Country Highway - EV50D Dual EV Charger in use at Calgary Airport
Sun Country Highway - EV50D Dual EV Charger with 25 foot long charging cables

Which brands of electric vehicles can charge in your EV parking space?

We selected Sun Country EV chargers because they provide a standard SAE J1772 connector. These charging stations are built and tested to auto-maker standards, the EV50D ensures a reliable charge, every time.

We have charged numerous models of the Tesla electric vehicle in addition to other popular models from other leading electric vehicle brands.

Close up view of the SAE J1772 universal EV charging connector at Park & Jet

How long will it take to charge my electric vehicle?

Depending on the manufacturer, our fastest rated charge time is three hours for a BMW i3 2017 (60 Ah battery) vehicle. The longest charge time is twelve hours for a Nissan Leaf 2018 S.

You can check the Sun Country Highway charging chart by following the link below. Make sure to follow the column with the heading "Level 2 EV-50 9.6kW".

(Source: https://suncountryhighway.ca/ev-charge-times/#)

White Dual Motor Tesla - EV Charging at Park & Jet Calgary Airport
Close up of SAE J1772 universal connector charging Dual Motor Tesla electric vehicle
Rear view of White Dual Motor Tesla using Electric Vehicle Charging Station at Park & Jet Calgary Airport

Do I have to pay extra to use an EV parking space?

No. EV parking at Park & Jet Calgary is the same price as our standard paid parking space. You can view our rates to determine how much your next parking stay will cost you. We offer two ways to reserve an electric vehicle parking stall in advance via our online parking reservation system.

You can take advantage of our Pay At The Lot reservation. This option allows you to make an advanced reservation which requires you to provide payment when you exit the lot.

Want a discount on your next Calgary Airport parking fee? We suggest booking a Prepay & Save reservation.

Convenient Calgary Airport Electric Vehicle Charging at Park and Jet Calgary

Extra wide electric vehicle parking spaces available.

All of our new EV parking spaces are ten feet in width. This will allow you extra room to unload your luggage and plug in the extra-long charging cable (25 feet in length) to your vehicle.

New Electric Vehicle Charging and Parking Spaces at Park and Jet

Where are the EV parking spaces located?

Our new EV parking spaces are located in Row #1. Row #1 is uncovered parking that is located in the southwest corner of our parking facility. When you are about to enter our parking facility at the entrance gates, please advise our Parking Ambassador at the service window that you will be parking in an electric vehicle parking space. Our Parking Ambassador will notify our shuttle bus driver to pick you up at your vehicle in Row #1.

Just a reminder that our shuttle bus service is free. We offer the closest shuttle bus service that takes three to five minutes to reach the Domestic and International departure terminals.

Easy access to extra long electric vehicle charging cables at Park & Jet Calgary

We look forward to serving you for your next parking stay at Park & Jet Calgary. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Another beautiful Tesla electric vehicle charging at Park & Jet Calgary
Red Tesla Model 3 - EV Parking at Park & Jet Calgary

posted April 17, 2022

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