Extreme Canada 101: Adventurous Things To Do Around Canada

You may not realize it, but Canada boasts some extreme adventures. In fact, some may say that Canada is an adrenaline junkie’s dream. People have been travelling from all over the world to brave the frozen Artic waters and get a taste of adventure in Canada. If you are looking to add some adventure into your life, here are some of the thrilling things you can do:

Killer Whale Watching

When salmon spawns along Canada’s west coast in August, many creatures follow hungrily behind. These creatures include orcas. Whale-watching boats tail along to see these beautiful creatures in an intimate way.

Kayaking with Black Bears, Bald Eagles, and Sea Otters

Enjoy British Columbia’s finest scenery as you kayak its coastal waters. Playful sea otters will follow you and you may even see the occasional whale, puffin, or bear! With the 5-day Sea Otter Kayak Tour by West Coast Expeditions, you’ll explore the sea with some of nature’s beautiful creatures with a professionally trained guide.

Iceberg Run

Some 500 miles above the Artice Circle, the Canadian Arctic Wilderness Lodge is a premiere beluga whale observation site. Adventure week runs June 30 – July 7 and guests can enjoy trail runs along the frigid waters of the Northwest Passage. Here you will find no paved roads. Instead, pathways are marked with Canada’s iconic inuksuk. Other excursions include ATV adventures, river kayaking, and paddle boarding. To learn more information, visit the Artic Watch Wilderness Lodge’s website. For more extreme adventures and thrilling to-do’s, visit the Travel Pulse website.

posted March 30, 2016

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