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Welcome to Park & Jet Calgary. We love meeting new people who park at our facility at the Calgary Airport.

We are glad you found your way to this special 20% discount.

The discount is valid at our facility until November 30, 2023. You can use the discount multiple times before the end of November.

All you need to do now is to register for the discount by entering your name and primary email address below. After you click on the "Send My Discount" button, we will send you a confirmation email with a few simple steps to take in order to receive your special QR code needed when you arrive at our facility. 

Fall Parking Discount
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What Happens When I Request This Discount?

When you click on the "Send My Discount" button, we will email you a confirmation email. We respect our customer's email inbox and want to ensure that you requested the discount. 

After you confirm your request, we will email you a special QR code that will provide you with a 20% discount when you are making payment at any exit lane. This discount is not valid for Prepay & Save Reservations.

Throughout the year, we will keep in touch via email with updates as to what's happening around our facility. We are always making improvements and upgrades to our facility which are designed to make your experience more convenient and enjoyable. 

You will also get first access to email customer only promotions that won't be available to the public. 

Does that sound like a good deal for you?

We look forward to serving you during your next parking stay at the Calgary International Airport.

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