Festivals Around the World: Where to Go in October

If you are looking for a last minute getaway, we’ve rounded up the top festivals happening around the world in October. So, pack your bags, grab a friend and a flight, and be on your way to enjoying a change of scenery.


Where: Munich, Germany

From late September to early October, people flock from around the world to help Germany celebrate Oktoberfest.

First held in 1810 to celebrate a royal wedding, Oktoberfest now hosts partiers from around the globe. Each year, partiers drink 6.5 million litres of beer! There’s no shortage of entertainment. From a rollercoaster to a ferris wheel, live entertainment, and lots of beer, there is something for everyone to enjoy at Oktoberfest.

Combat des Reines (Fight of the Queens)

Where: Valais, Switzerland

During the 1st week in October, people flock from all over to watch cows fight to be “queen” of the herd. This ritual has taken place for centuries, while Valaisian farmers have only organized the battles since the 1920s. The cow fighting sport has grown so big that farmers can earn more from the sport than from their herds’ milk and meat.

Fortunately, no blood is spilled – one of the reasons animal rights activists don’t object to the showdowns between the naturally feisty bovines.

Vegetarian Festival

Where: Phuket Town, Thailand

During the first 9 days of the 9th month in the Chinese calendar (late September, early October), people gather to celebrate the Vegetarian Festival. The event marks the beginning of the month of Taoist Lent, when followers of the Tao abstain from eating all meat and meat products.

The festival begins with processions, religious offerings, and cultural performances centered on 5 Chinese temples. The most significant location is Jui Tui temple, the modern annex of Put Jaw. Jui Tui is the oldest Chinese temple in Phuket Town.

The event culminates with incredible acts of self-mortification – walking on hot coals, climbing knife-blade ladders, and piercing the skin with sharp objects.

Matchmaking Festival

Where: County Clare, Ireland

From the last Friday in August to the 1st Sunday in October, people flock from around the world to visit the tiny city Lisdoonvara. With a population of 1000, this city is popular for 2 things: their famous spas and their tradition of matchmaking.

These matchmaking miracle workers charge a fee to help single people find a partner. In recent times, a speed-dating weekend has been incorporated into the festivities. There is also a country music weekend and the crowning of “Mr. Lisdoonvarna” and “Queen of Burren” competition.

Bridge Day

Where: West Virginia, USA

Dubbed the world’s largest extreme sports event, more than 450 base jumpers hurl themselves off a 265m high bridge. More than 200,000 spectators gather to watch the thrill seekers. Every year since 1980, the bridge above the New River has proven to be a perfect launching pad.

posted September 7, 2016

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