Flying Superstitions

We know that Halloween is long and gone; however, we can't help but smile at these flying superstitions.

People will do some strange things in an effort to avoid bad luck on their journeys—from holding hands to photographing the plane. It's important to keep in mind that flying is one of the safest ways to travel, so you can have a good laugh about these strange notions as you board your plane.

Wear socks inside out

Some people believe that wearing their socks inside out will keep them free from harm while flying.

Photo of Aircraft

Others take a picture of the plane before take-off to comfort themselves. Once they have taken the image, they send it to either a friend or relative. Before we used text messages, some people would go so far as to mail their picture before boarding the plane! Can you believe it?

Counting to a Certain Number

Numerous people count to a 100 after they have settled into their seat. By counting to a specific number, they may distract themselves from the stress that they experience with flying.

Holding Hands

Some fliers believe that holding hands after they board the plane will help to keep them secure as they soar through the sky. Travellers that swear by the practice opt to clasp their own hands together when they are not travelling with others.

Companion Animal

Others look for comfort from their animals. Countless people own companion animals and may take them along with them when they travel. Others choose to bring their favorite stuffed animal.

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posted November 29, 2018

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