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You likely arrived on this page because you are looking for an answer to a question about how things work at Park & Jet Calgary. In order to best serve you, we have listed below frequently asked parking questions from our customers about our operating procedures.

If you do not find an answer, please scroll to the bottom of this page and fill out our Parking Questions form so that we can respond directly to you with an answer to your unique question. You can also phone us 24 hours per day at (403) 226-0010 and our Parking Ambassador would be happy to receive your phone call.

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Common Parking Questions About Park & Jet

How does Park & Jet work?

STEP 1: When you arrive at Park & Jet, please follow the on-screen instructions from the automated entry station. After entering the lot, the electronic display to your left will direct you to the row you'll park your vehicle in.

STEP 2: Follow the clearly marked signs to your parking row.

STEP 3: One of our free shuttle bus will then pick you up at your vehicle and drop you off at your appropriate departure terminal door. Just let our Driver know which terminal and airline you want to go to. 

You don't have to walk with your luggage or heavy bags. Park & Jet is fast, easy, and convenient.

What are your hours of operation at Park & Jet?

We operate 24 hours each day, 7 days per week. We are open on all holidays to serve you best. 

How do I get to the Calgary Airport and leave my vehicle with Park & Jet?

Park & Jet is the closest on-airport, park and ride service. We have many driving directions videos to help guide you to easily reach us.

Does Park & Jet offer covered parking?

Park & Jet is a surface parking facility located at the Calgary International Airport. We do not offer covered parking. Your vehicle will be parked in an outdoor environment.

Who keeps my keys when I park?

In short, you always hold onto the keys when you park at Park & Jet. We are a self-parking facility located on Calgary Airport lands. 

Park & Jet provides "Trunk to Trunk" service whereby we pick you up at your vehicle, take you to the airport, pick you up upon your return, and bring you back to your vehicle.

This means that you can lock your vehicle and hold onto your keys when you depart for your trip. You will have the peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in a secure, fenced, and attended parking lot.

When you return, our fast and free shuttle drops you directly at your vehicle so you can jump right in and get on your way. No walking at all!

How do I pay for parking at Park & Jet?

We recently upgrade our parking equipment to make paying for your parking and exiting our parking lot super easy. Be sure to watch the help videos at our helpful resource guide.

What are the method of payments accepted at Park & Jet?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, debit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Please visit the payment videos at our helpful resource guide.

Our parking ticket was lost in a bag that did not arrive. How can we pay?

Once you are in your vehicle, please drive to the exit gate area. When you arrive at the exit pay station, please press the intercom button and advise our Parking Ambassador that you lost your ticket. Our system tracks your entry with license plate recognition. We will be able to send a digital ticket to the pay station. Your parking fee will be displayed on the pay station screen whereby you will be able to complete payment with a debit card, credit card or via Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

Does Park & Jet have disabled parking spaces?

Yes, we have 22, first come, first served accessible parking spaces. You will need an Alberta Government issued placard to be eligible to park in the space. See more about our accessible parking information.

New Accessible Calgary Airport Parking Stalls at Park and Jet

If my vehicle requires a boost to start after sitting for 3 weeks, will you provide that service and if so is there a fee?

Yes. Park & Jet is equipped with commercial boosting packs that can charge and boost your battery. Our supervisors are trained to boost your battery. There is no charge to this service.

Can I leave my car longer when my return itinerary changes?

Yes. We accept parking stays of up to 60 days. If you anticipate staying longer than 60 days, please Contact Us to inform us of your intended return date. You will be responsible to pay the daily rate for each additional day past your initial reservation. 

What happens if my flight is delayed or cancelled which causes me to miss the expired time for parking. Will I be penalized or just charged for the extended time?

Your vehicle will be in good hands with our team until you arrive back to Calgary. If you made a reservation and arrive later than the pre-booked arrival date, you will be responsible to pay the daily rate for each additional day past your initial reservation. If you did not make a reservation, your total parking fees will be calculated based on the length of stay when you exit the lot.

Does Park & Jet have electric vehicle (EV) parking spaces?

Yes, we have four, first come, first served electric vehicle parking spaces. See more about our EV parking chargers and spaces.

New Electric Vehicle Charging and Parking Spaces at Park and Jet

Do you offer in and out privileges at Park & Jet?

We do not offer in and out service on the same ticket. When you exit our parking facility, your parking fee will be calculated based on the time used during your stay. 

Are your parking services available to customers without flights?

If you are working at or visiting the Calgary Airport for any length of time, we welcome you to park with us. Our shuttle bus will take you from your vehicle and drop you off at your requested Departure door which makes our service attractive for daily visitors.

When you want to return to your vehicle, you will need to meet our shuttle bus at Bay 25 located at the Domestic Arrivals curb, or Bay 30 located at the International Arrivals curb area.

Key & Vehicle Drop/Pick Up Questions

Do you provide a key drop service? I want to drop off the car and have someone else pick it up at a later date.

We offer free vehicle key drop off and release services. You can park your vehicle first at Park & Jet Calgary and come to the office to complete the “Key Release Form” and drop off your key.

We will need to know which row the vehicle is parked in, along with the name of the person who you authorize to pick up the key. You can leave your parking ticket in the vehicle or with the key. Once completed, our shuttle bus will take you to the Calgary Airport Departure Terminal.

For the person picking up the vehicle, please let the shuttle driver drop you off at the office to fill out the “Key Release Form”. You will need matching proof of your photo ID.

How can a family member drop off my car one day prior to my arrival back to the Calgary Airport?

Please instruct your family member to enter the lot and take a ticket. They will need to park in the designated row indicated at the arrival gate. Please indicate to the shuttle bus driver that you are dropping off a vehicle and need to go to the main office to complete the “Key Release Form” and drop off your key.

They will authorize a name of the person who will pick up the key. You can leave your parking ticket in the vehicle or with the key. Once completed, they can be picked up from our office.

When you return to Park & Jet, please advise the shuttle driver to drop you off at the office to fill out the “Key Release Form”. You will need matching proof of your photo ID.

Park & Jet Shuttle Bus Questions

Are your shuttle buses running? What is the bus schedule?

Yes, our shuttle buses run 24 hours each day. Our shuttle bus service is included with your parking fee, so you don't pay extra. Click here to see our shuttle bus video tours to get a first hand look at our service.

What does it cost to ride your shuttle bus?

Park & Jet does not charge for our shuttle bus rides to the Calgary Airport domestic or international terminals. You and your companions ride for free.

Where does the Park & Jet shuttle bus take me to?

Our shuttles run 24 hours a day, every day, to and from the Calgary International Airport.

To Calgary International Airport:

  • It is a 3 to 5 minute drive from our lot to the terminal.
  • We recommend that you be here 10-15 minutes before you would like to be at the airport.

Pick up from Calgary International Airport:

  • After receiving your bags, follow the signs to the Park & Jet shuttle pick-up stall (Bus bay #25 for Domestic flights), which is located on the Arrivals Level across from the Tim Hortons. If you flew through the new International Terminal, please go to bus bay #30.
  • When you get to the pick-up location, a shuttle will be there promptly, if one is not already there. The shuttle will take you directly to your vehicle.

Are the YYC airport shuttles wheelchair accessible?

At Park & Jet, we have wheelchair accessible shuttles that are available. For prompt service when you arrive to park with us, please call ahead of your arrival at 403-226-0010 or email us at to confirm your arrival and departure time.

Can I bring my dog or pet on the shuttle bus?

Yes we allow dogs and other pets to be transported from your vehicle to the Domestic or International terminal at the Calgary Airport. Your pet must be in an enclosed kennel when riding our shuttle bus. Our shuttle bus drivers can assist you with loading and unloading your kennel from the bus.

I am travelling with a small child. Does my child need to be in a car seat for the shuttle bus ride?

We do not require a car seat for transporting you and your young children to the departure terminal. Your child must sit securely on your lap if they cannot sit alone on the bus seat.

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