Frequently Asked Pricing and Reservation Questions

Are you close to booking a parking reservation with us, but you have a few pricing questions?

We want to help you understand how you can save on your next parking stay at Park & Jet Calgary. In order to best serve you, we have listed below frequently asked pricing and reservation questions that customers like you have submitted.

If you do not find an answer, please go to the bottom of this page and fill out our Parking Questions form so that we can respond directly to you with an answer to your unique question. You can also phone us 24 hours per day at (403) 226-0010 and our Parking Ambassador would be happy to answer your questions over the phone.

Park & Jet Pricing Questions & Answers

How much does it cost to park at Park & Jet?

We offer affordable daily, weekly and monthly parking pricing and reservation options at Park & Jet. Please visit our Parking Rates to get the up to date rates. You can also use our Parking Fee Calculator to price out your next trip. All prices quoted on our site are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

What kind of parking discounts or promo codes does Park & Jet offer?

Park & Jet Calgary offers a variety of parking discounts. We offer AMA, Seniors 65+, Post Secondary Students and Faculty discounts. We also offer discounted parking for longer stays over 21 days. See which discount you are eligible for by visiting our parking discounts page.

Can I combine two or more discounts for my next parking stay?

You can only use one form of discount when paying at the exit. You will need a QR code that we send to you via email when arriving at the lot to scan your discount upon entry.

Prepay & Save Reservations do not accept additional discounts because the discount is already included with the rate being offered. 

Do you offer a VIP discount program?

We love our VIP Parking Club Members. You can join our Pay It Forward Club where you can receive a 15% discount on future parking trips at the Calgary Airport. All you need to join is to provide us with your name and best email address so that we can send you the special QR code that you will need to scan when you enter our parking lot. 

Do you offer Federal Government or military discounts?

We don't have specific discounts established for Federal Government employees or military members. We suggest that you join our Pay It Forward Club where you will get access to a variety of discounts that we offer VIP members throughout the year.

How does your park for 7 days and pay for 5 days work?

We upgraded our parking equipment so that now when you stay seven days, you will pay the weekly rate. You can see our low everyday parking rates to help you better plan your next trip. 

Reservation Questions & Answers

Do I need to reserve a parking space in advance of my trip?

Park & Jet offers two ways to reserve your parking space for your next trip that departs from the Calgary Airport. We do not require that you make a reservation in advance. You can enter our parking lot anytime of day because we are open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. You can visit our Parking Rates page to get current parking rates to help you plan your trip.

Can Calgary Airport parking be reserved?

Park & Jet Calgary is excited to offer you two unique types of online reservations. You can reserve and Pay at the Lot, or you can make a Prepay & Save Reservation.

The Pay at the Lot reservation allows you to book a reservation, show up, park and pay for your stay upon exiting our parking lot.  You will pay the standard parking rates when choosing this option.

When you secure a Prepay & Save Reservation, you will receive our highest discount offered because you will be paying in advance for your reservation. This is similar to how hotels offer a discounted rate when you prepay in advance. We look forward to serving you for your upcoming trip.

Do you guarantee my parking space if I make a reservation?

If you make a reservation with Park & Jet, we will guarantee you a place to park. You have two options to make your Online Reservation

Prepaid Reservation Questions & Answers

How long after our intended arrival time should I specify for my departing time for our prepay reservation? 

We recommend that you book your exit time on your prepaid reservation to allow for two to three hours after your intended arrival to YYC Calgary Airport. If you exit the lot later than your booking time, you will be subject to pay an extra day fee at the exit pay station.

What if I arrive back to the lot earlier than my check out time?

If you made a Pay at the Lot reservation, our system will calculate your parking fee based on the exact length of stay. If you made a prepaid reservation, there are no refunds offered on this reservation type.

Do I need to have a return date to make a reservation at Park & Jet?

Yes. We offer two reservation methods at Park & Jet. Both the Prepay & Save reservation and Pay at the Lot reservation requires a departure and arrival date in order to complete a reservation. If you stay longer than your intended arrival date, you will be required to pay the additional days at our low priced daily parking rate.

Can I prepay for parking and get an AMA or Senior's discount?

Unfortunately, the Prepay & Save reservation is the lowest price already. We cannot combine multiple discounts together.

How do I cancel a prepaid reservation?

When you booked a prepaid reservation with Park & Jet, you would have created a reservation through ParkMobile. You will need to call the ParkMobile Customer Service Team to cancel or change your prepaid reservation. 

Call for Support: 1-877-727-5457

What happens if I stay longer than my parking reservation was booked for?

We understand that life and schedule changes happen. Sometimes you might be having too much fun to return to Calgary as planned. If you made an online reservation with us and return after your reservation was booked for, you will then pay the standard daily parking rate for each day parked after your reservation expiry date. Our parking equipment will calculate the extra days stayed and prompt you to pay the balance upon exiting Park & Jet.

Can I earn Aeroplan points with a Prepay & Save reservation?

We offer an incredible low rate for our prepaid reservations. We currently do not provide Aeroplan earning with the Prepay & Save reservation. You can see our frequently asked Aeroplan questions for more information about our program offering at Park & Jet. Thank you for being an Aeroplan member.

What currency is charged for prepaid reservations?

All of our parking fees at the lot, or made via our prepaid reservation are done in Canadian Dollars.

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