Go Ahead, Wine a Little

1. Napa and Sonoma Wine Country Tour

This tour by Gray Line San Francisco is highly rated with prices starting at $113.25.

Guests enjoy the company's fun and educational tour guides, winery selections, and tastings.

2. Platypus Wine Tours

Playtpus Wine Tours is another highly-rated wine tour in Napa and only costs $110. They also do tours in Sonoma.

Guests visit four wineries for a fun and educational experience. They are served a picnic lunch in a winery setting.

3. Squire Livery Tours

Squire Livery Tours is a little more expensive at $85/hour with a 6-hour minimum, but it is private and you explore Napa by luxury car instead of a bus.

If you have specific wineries you want to visit, that's great. You also get a knowledgeable guide to help you figure out the rest!

4. Sonoma Valley Wine Trolley

Sonoma Valley Wine Trolley Tours start at $123.20 and are a great way to experience the scenery of Sonoma and learn about its history.

The motorised San Francisco cable car is a great way to tour wine valley in the open air. Visitors love the selection of wineries and the fun learning experience.

5. Valet of the Moon Wine Tours

Valley of the Moon Wine Tours is a small, family-owned company with local tour guides.

Visitors love the personal service they get on these tours. The guides have a lot of knowledge and relationships with boutique wineries in the area.

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posted September 7, 2017

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