A great testimonial from a really nice customer – THANKS!!

Dear Calgary Park & Jet,

I used your service recently when I went on a family trip to Phoenix. I live inner city Calgary and it costs about $50 to take a taxi to the airport- that's one way. I was tasked with coordinating getting us (myself, big sis and bro-in-law) to the airport. That's when I stumbled across Park & Jet.

The website was easy to navigate and the airport parking estimator was clearly visible and user-friendly. Offering an obviously more cost-effective option, I decided to check out how it works so I watched the introductory video. The visuals in the video were clear, specific and easy to understand and the narration of the instruction was precisely well-spoken. For someone who wouldn't consider themselves great at directions, I found the directions in the video easy to understand and follow. It was a really well communicated marketing piece.

If it wasn't impressed yet, the confirmation email to follow the easy to use reservation system, was clear, specific and well worded, stating my next set of instructions: what to expect when we arrived to Park & Jet at the airport. The in-person service was as on-point as the online. We pulled up the entrance and were directed by the screen to the row in which we were to park. By the time we arrived at our row, there was a shuttle already waiting for us, ready to load up our luggage and drive us to our terminal. Those shuttle drivers use the radio like pros and dispatch did an awesome job directing the driver to preceding pickups!

We got to our terminal in a such breeze and with a feeling of ease. It was really quite a refreshing service to use. Our arrival back to Calgary and to our car, was equally as commendable, with drop-off-service right to the your car trunk- sure made for a smooth return home. The further discounted price at the till for being an AMA-member was a sweet cherry on top of the cake!

Thank you for a great service, Park & Jet!

Park soon!

Content customer,

Firyal Mohamed

posted June 16, 2016

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