How to Perfectly Pack a Suitcase

I. Clothing

Step 1. Gather the clothing you need

  • Think in terms of outfits: Plan for what you’re doing each day and each evening on your trip. That way you'll be fully prepared without packing unnecessary clothing.

Step 2. Roll up smaller, softer items and fold larger Items

  • Put the larger folded items across the bottom, alternating the waistlines of pants and skirts.
  • Then proceed to place the rolled items on top.

Step 3. Add very small items

  • Find the nooks and crannies between the clothes already in the bag, and fill them with your smaller items, such as socks and/or undergarments.

II. Shoes

Step 1. Decide on a day shoe

  • Choose one shoe which suits your needs: walking tours, business meetings, on/off bus and sightseeing, etc. Select a color which compliments most of your outfits. Top neutral choices are black, brown, navy, or beige.

Step 2. Decide on an evening shoe

  • Choose a color which compliments most of your outfits. See above for neutral suggestions.

Step 3. Sport shoes

  • Take the pair you will need: running, workout, walking, etc.

Step 4. Slippers or indoor shoes for the hotel

  • These will be very useful when using the hotel pool and spa or when doing other casual hotel activities. Many hotels provide a complimentary pair but some do not.

III. Toiletries

Step 1. Travel size or buy on location?

  • If your destination has the brands you use (or you are not brand-specific), consider buying what you need when you arrive. Otherwise, buy travel-sized toiletries. This will ensure less space is taken and that your bag isn’t overweight.

Step 2. Put all liquid toiletries in plastic bags/containers

  • This will help avoid any leakage from liquid products.

Step 3. Place toiletries between rolled clothing

  • This makes the suitcase “tight,” meaning items won’t shift or move around as easily.

Now that your suitcase is organized, how about your ride to the airport…and back?

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posted January 24, 2019

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