How to Stay Healthy when Flying

No one wants to get sick when flying or on vacation. In an effort to stay well and healthy, follow these tips.

Stay Hydrated

Keep an empty water bottle through security. Getting and staying hydrated is our number 1 tip because it is so important in fighting off common illnesses. It’s easy to get dehydrated on a long flight because of the lack of humidity in the pressurized cabin. This makes it harder for your system to flush out germs. Don’t be shy about asking your attendant to fill up your water bottle during a long flight! (Just be sure to ask for bottled water).

Prevent Dry Eyes

Studies show that lack of humidity in the enclosed space of the airplane is one of the primary reasons for getting sick. When your eyes are dry, it’s tempting to rub them, however, rubbing your eyes can transmit cold and flu viruses. If you have germs on your hands, they can travel to the tear ducts and to the back of your throat.

Proper Nutrition

Eat a healthy meal before your board. By bringing your own food, you won’t have to resort to greasy, unhealthy meals that are offered in the airport or on your flight. Choose plenty of vegetables and lean meat to get plenty of vitamins to ward off any sicknesses.

Stay Clear of Alcohol

It can be tempting to want to have a drink during your flight, however, mixed with the pressurized cabin, it can be extremely dehydrating. If you want a drink to help you fall asleep, there are healthier alternatives. Taking melatonin, a sleeping aid or drinking tea will help you rest peacefully on your flight.

posted September 21, 2016

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