How to Survive a Long Flight

Are you headed on a long flight in the near future? It can be stressful travelling for 10, 15, or more hours, but there are some things you can do to make the trip a bit more enjoyable. Here are some tips to survive your next long flight:

Have an Escape

Not being prepared for a long trip is dangerous. You’ll want to have something to burn the time. Think about bringing headphones, the latest movies, music, books, and magazines, to help make the time more enjoyable.

Stay Hydrated

Flying can be incredibly dehydrating. We know that you don’t want to run to the bathroom every fifteen minutes, however, it is important to stay hydrated. Drink water every few hours and try to avoid alcoholic drinks, which can be dehydrating. If your skin tends to be dry, bring a good moisturizer to use while travelling.

Consider a Sleep Aid

If you are considering using a sleep aid, try them before you fly with them. Sometimes people have reverse effects and it can be more like a stimulant than a sleep aid. If you don’t try the aid before you fly, you could end up incredibly miserable and wide-awake.

Be careful with Deep Vein Thrombosis

DVT, the formation of blood clots in deep veins, is a known risk on longer flights. There are some things you can do to combat this. Try walking up and down the aisles on the plan, flexing and stretching your legs to encourage blood flow, wear comfortable clothing and drink plenty of fluids. Avoid diuretics like coffee and alcohol, too.

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posted May 26, 2016

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