It’s about time to hit the road.

You can feel it in your bones…warmer weather, later sunsets, people discussing holiday plans.

A summer vacation is almost a tradition in many families but it's always a challenge to organize something fulfilling while keeping an eye on the budget.

What about a road trip?

Canada road trips are such a great value. The thing is, starting out from home by car can be limiting. You've most likely visited the nearby areas and going further means hours and hours (and hours) in the car. Not the best use of your holiday time…and not much fun either.

How about parking your car at Calgary Park and Jet and starting your road trip from a farther destination?

After parking your car and pocketing the keys, Park and Jet's "Trunk to Trunk" service gets you from your car directly to the airport for departure and from the airport directly to your car upon your return.

Hot airfares at cooler prices for the warmer weather

The Inhalton website recently posted an article about summer airfares. The source of their information is expedia. ca. We'll give you the link a bit later on so you can read it for yourself but here are the highlights.

June travel

While the last week in June has the highest airfares, the first week has the lowest—about 10 per cent less expensive.

Cheaper June destinations include Victoria, Kelowna (15 per cent less) and Vancouver (more than 20% off).

Wildlife lovers can fly over to Yellowknife. It will cost you 10 per cent less to visit with black bears, bison and moose.

July travel

Time to head across Canada to Montreal and Quebec. Aim for mid-July to take advantage of the cheapest prices.

As you may know, there's lots to do and see: Historic Montreal and Quebec City…new food experiences…the charming seaside city of Gaspe…biking around Mont Tremblant, just to name a few.

August travel

If your children's school begins later or you don't have to take this into account, choose the last week in August for your trip. The airfares are lowest during this period.

Choose between east coast destinations such as Halifax and St. John's. Families might enjoy flying to Moncton and then driving to Hopewell Rocks and the Shediac seashores.

You can read more details here.

Happy travels!

Before you go, book your vehicle in at Park and Jet. Worry-free parking.

Visit Park and Jet Calgary's Reservation Page to get a parking estimate before you fly.

posted June 7, 2018

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