Keep Your Keys When You Park

At Park & Jet, we value your privacy.

That's why we are the only airport parking lot that offers the self-park option!

Park & Jet provides "Trunk to Trunk" service whereby we pick you up at your vehicle, take you to the airport, pick you up upon your return, and bring you back to your vehicle.

This means that you can lock your vehicle and hold onto your keys when you depart for your trip. You will have the peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in a secure, fenced, and manned lot.

When you return, our fast and free shuttle drops you directly at your vehicle so you can jump right in and get on your way. No walking at all!

And that's not all! Here are all the other great things we offer!

Easy Access:

We are located conveniently at 2222 Airport Ave NE, directly on airport property.


A fully fenced and well-lit parking facility that is staffed 24 hours a day.

Trunk-to-Trunk Service:

No long walks through deserted parking lots.

Fast and Free Shuttle:

Directly to and from the airport.

Great Discounts:

Check out our blog highlighting our weekly and monthly discounted rates. We also have discounts for Automobile Association Members, Older Adults 65+ years and Post Secondary Students and Faculty!

Collect Aeroplan Miles:

Visit our Aeroplan Promotion page for more information.


Subject to availability and you must have your own extension cord.

Complimentary boosting services upon availability.

Planning your next trip soon? Reserve your booking at Park & Jet today!

Get an estimate before you park.

posted February 20, 2020

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