Oh no you didnt leave that in your car

10 things you shouldn’t leave in your car while you park at Park & Jet

1. Garage Door Opener

If someone breaks into your vehicle and finds it, it may be the key to steal valued items from your home. This is serious.

2. Your Insurance Papers

Alot of people might not think about this, but leaving your insurance papers in your car tells the bad guys alot about you. Hide them if you really need to leave them in there.

3. Wallet/Passport

Your wallet contains your most personal and valued information; it gets really messy if it ends up in the hands of someone else. Plus you need your passport or ID to get on the plane.

4. Laptop

Freezing/boiling temperatures can permanently damage screens. Bad guys can also get your laptop and can unlock most passwords you might have or get into your online banking information. You don't need it on your trip, that's why it's called a VA-cation. Leave that one at home. Or if you accidentally brought it, leave it in a locker at the airport.

5. Your Pet

This is the same as leaving your child in the car. We hope you don't leave your pet or your child in your car while you're on vacation and parked at Park & Jet!

6. Medication

Extremely hot/cold temperatures can weaken the properties of the medication. Don't forget your meds when your on vacation, remember last time???

7. Musical Instruments

The strings and overall sound can be damaged from the hot/freezing temperatures. Instead take them with you incase you want to serenade someone by the pool.

8. Glass Bottles Containing Liquid

If the temperature gets cold enough it can crack the bottle and explode. You don't want to come back from vacation only to see pop sprayed all over the roof of your car.


Below freezing temperatures can slow the device down and the condensation can permanently ruin it. And how are you going to take selfies on your trip and post them on Facebook if you don't have your cell phone?

10. Cosmetics

Can be melted and ruined by condensation, remember that lipstick you left in the center console, and how it got allll over your stuff?? Don't do that again.

Now you know what to do, and you can happily leave your car at Park & Jet.

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posted November 17, 2015

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