Best Destinations for Canadians Who Dislike Winter

Does the thought of shoveling your driveway make you want to cry, hide, or travel far, far away? We get you. Not everyone loves our snowy Canadian winters.

If you're starting to plan your next vacation, winter might be the perfect time to book a flight to somewhere warm and sunny.

Not a fan of Canadian winters? Here are some winter travel destinations whose climates you might prefer:

1. Thailand

Thailand enters a dry season from December to April, which makes it a great place for holiday and winter vacations.

Check out stunning beaches, taking in wildlife and breathtaking scenery in a place that will put our chilly Canadian winter out of your mind.

2. Costa Rica

Costa Rica's dry season starts from January until April, meaning you can expect great weather for your post-Christmas and New Year's vacation.

Costa Rica is known for stunning scenery, outdoor activities, national parks, wildlife, and various tours offering something for everyone.

3. Morocco

Morocco sits in a comfortable range around 20 degrees Celcius, perfect for a warmer trip to Europe in the winter.

Visit beautiful beaches, enjoy great Moroccan food, and take stunning pictures while exploring Morocco's architecture and personality.

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posted October 17, 2017

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