Park & Jet Tire Fairies

Flat tires are one of a car owner's biggest headaches.

One reason for flat tires is punctures like those from nails that somehow find their way into your tire's rubber. Every second in the US, roughly 7 drivers are being plagued by tire punctures.

Another cause of flat tires is low tire pressure. When the pressure is low, the tire sidewalls heat up. This overheating is the main cause of tire blowouts. When tires blow out, it might not be just one car which is involved. Transport Canada statistics show that "vehicles whose tire pressures are 25 percent lower than specified are three times more likely to be involved in a crash."

To make matters even more complicated, did you know that roughly 1/3 of new cars don't have spare tires and that that's legal?

This means in the US, there are about 30 million drivers who don't have spares. (There are no readily available figures for Canada.)

Put all of this together and you can arrive at the following conclusion: correct tire pressure is super important.

That's the reason Park & Jet Calgary employees are on the lookout for client's cars with low tire pressures.

During the time you are away, your car tires could be losing air. Perhaps it is a slow leak from a nail puncture (nail still inside) or a worn tire. Maybe everything is ok, but you haven't checked your tire pressures for a while and now one or more have gotten quite low.

Whatever the case, Park & Jet Calgary attendants want you to be able to drive away from their lot in as much safety as humanly possible. So, they proactively 'top up' any tires they see low in pressure…kind of like tire fairies.

It's one more way Park & Jet Calgary pays close attention to your needs and the needs of your vehicle.

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posted December 9, 2019

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