Travelling with kids doesn't have to be a nightmare!

Just pay attention to these tips from 'I travel with my kids' veterans…or should we say 'survivors'?

"Bring lots of their favourite snacks and colouring/activity books."
— Cindy Chan

"On long flights we always wrap presents to be opened every hour and they are usually things to keep them entertained for the next hour such as a colouring book with crayons or a travel game."
— David Pyle

"My best tip is if you have a stop-over flight, make sure your carry-on luggage and items are as minimal as possible to keep things stress-free. I made the mistake of packing too much and we were carrying a lot of things around the airport that causes stress. Try babywearing instead of a stroller for instance. Pack enough diapers and wipes and some snacks, but you can always buy snacks later if needed. Just a few toys to keep the toddler busy!"
— Jenny Wilson

"When traveling with an infant, find a lightweight and compact travel stroller! It's great for storing essentials too like your diaper bag, snacks, extra clothes, etc."
— Pamela Cheng

"Me and my daughter travel often and my best advice is to prepare for the worst! We have an ‘entertainment bag’ for our daughter that we bring when we go out to restaurants, church and travels! I rotate the contents but they're mostly stickers, puzzles, books, small toys, coloring prints, activity books – and our last line of defence, the ipad"
— Bernadette Rogelio

"Portable dvd player! Or movies loaded on your phone! Also, a handheld game such as a Nintendo DS with lots of games works well, My daughter is 8 and a packet of fruity gum to chew is also great for popped/plugged ears."
— Nicole Giroux

"The best advice I have, is to travel when they typically sleep. Book flights at bedtime. Pack the car and head out when they drift off for a nap."
— Lesley Minto-Viznei

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posted September 26, 2019

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