Plug In Parking at Calgary Airport

Yes, We Have Plug In Parking!

When you plan on returning from your next trip and it is freezing and cold in Calgary, you want to know that your vehicle will start. We have you covered with ample plug in parking spaces. 

Here are the most commonly asked questions about how to access and park in our energized parking spaces:

Do you have stalls that I can plug my block heater in?

Yes, our energized, plug in stalls are located on the west side of our Park & Jet lot. When you enter the parking lot, stop at the entry gate and let our Parking Ambassador know that you require a plug in stall. They will direct you to a specific row number to park in. From there, the Parking Ambassador will direct the next available shuttle bus to pick you up at your vehicle.

Does your plug in power run continuously?

Our vehicle plug-ins become energized if temperature falls below minus 15 degrees Celsius. The plug in stalls operate on timer so that we can be mindful of energy consumption. This means that your block heater will receive the appropriate amount of power to help your vehicle start in cold weather.

Do you guys offer a service to boost my vehicle in the unlikely event it doesn't start?

Yes, our service vehicles are equipped with a battery boost and starter package. A qualified supervisor is able to assist you 24 hours per day. We will work with you to help boost your vehicle. If we cannot get your vehicle started after three attempts, we will be happy to call your preferred service such as AMA to come help you further. 

There is no extra charges for boosting service. We appreciate you choosing to park with us for your next trip departing from the Calgary Airport.

Where can I plug in my Tesla or electric vehicle?

We have dedicated electric vehicle charging parking spaces. You can find out more information as to the type of charging stations we use and much more. See our EV Parking stalls.

Electric Vehicle-EV-Parking with Park and Jet Calgary at YYC Airport

We look forward to the opportunity to meet you when you park with us. See our best parking rates and find out many more answers to your Calgary Airport parking questions.

posted November 24, 2022

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