Savvy Packing Tips for Travelling

So, you're going on a trip! What an exciting time! Depending on your trip, packing may feel overwhelming. In order to help you pack for your next trip, we've put together some of our best tips. Read on to find out how to make packing a little bit easier.

  • Roll - Don't Fold

Our top rule is to roll your clothes instead of folding them. This will help you save room in your luggage. Plus, you're less likely to experience deep wrinkles.

  • Make a list - Check it Twice

When it comes to packing, don't procrastinate. Start by making a list a few weeks out. This will give you time to gather any items that you may need for your trip. It will also ensure that you don't forget anything uber important.

  • Check Airlines Baggage Fee Policy

Figuring out your airline's baggage fee policy can be tricky. Some airlines require you to pay, while with others it is included in your ticket. To avoid unexpected fees, check with your airline to see if you can bring a checked bag.

  • Mind your Liquids

If you are carrying on, you have to remember the 3-1-1 rule. Full-size shampoos and a large bottle of lotion are a no-go and will result in TSA confiscating your items. All liquids brought onto planes must be in 3.4-ounce bottles or smaller and inside a single, clear, quart-size zip-top page.

  • Personal Items

Use your personal items wisely. It's standard for airlines to permit each traveller to bring one carry on item. Purses, laptop bags, and backpacks are generally acceptable. Instead of wasting your personal item on a small bag, bring a larger tote to give yourself extra storage.

  • Layer

First, the temperature on an airplane can be tricky. You may be hot, or you may be cold. Layer your clothes to keep you comfortable no matter what climate you are in.

Not only will you want to wear multiple layers, but you'll want to pack in multiple layers, too! Pack items as follows: Shoes on one layer, clothes one layer, electronics one layer. This allows security to check your bag quicker and get you through the line faster.

  • On the Road Laundry Facilities

You may want to check your destination to see if you can wash your clothes. Check in with your hotel or vacation facilities. There may be a laundry mat that will be close by.

  • Don't check essential items

Figure out what's most important to you – Is it makeup, jewelry, electronics? If the airline loses your luggage, you'll regret stowing your expensive watch in a checked bag.

  • Using Packing Aids

Packing aids and compression sacs are great space-savers that you may not even have considered. They can easily shrivel your clothes into a vacuum-packed tiny, tight bundle that takes up minimal suitcase space. Other packing aids can help you organize better and fit more into your bag and include packing envelopes and packing cubes.

Reserve your airport parking for a stress-free vacation!

posted March 10, 2020

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