Short Term Parking At The Calgary Airport

If you are planning a short trip or just need a convenient parking option for a few hours, short term parking is available at Park & Jet Calgary.

Did you know that the Calgary International Airport serves more than 250 passenger flights per day? Along with all of this flight service are hundreds of people who make the YYC Airport the major service center that it is today. Naturally, there are many Calgarians, visitors and contractors at the airport each day who may need to park for a few hours while waiting for passenger arrival, or parking for the day while working at the airport.

Let us answer some questions about how you can easily park with us.

Types Of Short Term Parking At The Calgary Airport

Short term or short stay parking is usually parking that has a duration of thirty minutes to twenty-four hours. Some people consider it to also be parking that lasts one to three days. We provide parking options for both scenarios.

If you are only planning to pick up an arriving passenger in the terminal, and you only plan to be there for less than one hour, then we suggest you park in the P1 or P2 parkade at the airport. The short-term rates for P1/P2 parkades is $5.00 per 30 minutes up to a maximum of $45 per day. 

If you are in a situation where you are not sure how long you will be, or you know that you will need to be at the Calgary airport for longer than 90 minutes, then short-term parking at Park & Jet Calgary will be your most cost effective and convenient option to choose.

At Park & Jet Calgary, we do not charge for hourly parking. We believe that flat rate pricing is easier for you. Our daily parking rate is $15.00 per day.

Who Needs To Park For Only A Few Hours?

In addition to people picking up arriving guests, we know customers who visit the airport to use a variety of services, shop and dine. We also know that there are many people who attend training courses related to their employment at the airport.

These training events can range from a half-day, full-day or multiple days. When you park with Park & Jet, we will provide you with a reliable service that is cost effective and more economical than taking a taxi to and from the airport. 

How Short Term Parking Works at Park & Jet

Once you enter our conveniently located parking facility, you will be directed to a specific row to park in. Our free shuttle bus will pick you up from your vehicle and take you to either the domestic or international terminal. Our driver will provide you with a row reminder card that also instructs you where to go when you are ready to be picked up.

Because we are located on the airport property, our shuttle bus normally will get you to the departure terminals in 4-5 minutes from the time the bus is ready to leave our lot. If you were to park in one of the parkades, you would likely take the same time walking and waiting for an elevator ride to get you to to the terminal. 

When you are ready to return to your vehicle, proceed to the domestic bus bay #25 or the international bus bay #30 where our shuttle bus will be waiting to return you to your vehicle. Payment is made when you exit the lot. 

One question that often comes to mind when considering short stay parking is about the availability and capacity of the parking lots at the Calgary Airport. Park & Jet has sufficient parking spaces to accommodate a variety of different types of vehicles

You have two ways that you can use our facility:

  1. Show up and park. When you enter the facility, our entry lane equipment will provide a ticket in order to access the lot. You will use this ticket to pay upon your exit.
  2. Prebook your short stay parking with us. You can save on the daily parking fee and ensure we know you are coming so we can save a spot for you.

Location And Directions To Park & Jet At The Calgary Airport

We can show you how easy it is to drive to our facility,  We offer driving tour videos which will help you visually see and know how to navigate your way from your home to us. If you are arriving from outside of Calgary, our driving tour videos will show you how to find us by connecting with the Deerfoot Trail from either the north or south direction.

Driving to Park and Jet Calgary at YYC Airport from Deerfoot Trail -Alberta Highway 2

What Additional Services Do We Offer Our Parking Customers?

Aside from our convenient long stay and short stay parking options, Park & Jet also offers you a complimentary customer car care station for your exclusive use. Here you will have access to free tire inflation, vacuum and windshield washing service. This will help you drive home with ease knowing that your vehicle is clean and safe to drive. It's our way of thanking you for choosing to park with us.

Accessible Parking Stalls at Calgary Airport

The Calgary Airport is committed to providing accessible facilities for all travelers. Accessible parking spaces are available on the left and right side of our central entrance drive lane.

When you arrive at Park & Jet, please tell our Parking Ambassador at the window that you need an accessible parking stall. They will direct you to a specific row and stall. We will ensure that a shuttle bus that is equipped with a lift unit will meet you at the designated row to pick up you and your companions and transport you to your departure terminal.

22 Accessible Calgary Airport Parking Stalls at Park and Jet

Our accessible buses can accommodate passengers with wheelchairs or other mobility devices. 

Promotions and Discounts for Short Term Parking at Calgary Airport

If you're looking for ways to save on short term and long term parking at the Calgary Airport, please make sure to see which Park & Jet discount programs you may be eligible to participate in. 

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you for your next trip or work day at the Calgary Airport.

posted September 29, 2023

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