The Car ran out of gas…in the Parking Lot!

Park & Jet Calgary question time: Remember when car engines used to have keys?

For many of us, that is still true, but for many others, it is a thing of the past. Keyless ignition systems mean that you don't have to mess with a key to start your engine.

It is very convenient.

It's the middle of winter. Your hands are very cold. Instead of messing with a key, you just press a button and get that heater warming up your fingers before setting out on your journey.

It can be problematic.

Since a keyless ignition is so easy to turn on, it is also easy to turn off…and sometimes people forget, especially because they don't have to remember to take a key.

These two articles can give you more information on leaving your car on in a closed environment and how to protect yourself:

Keyless ignitions are problematic in open spaces, too.

You arrive at the airport parking lot, your head filled with the million and one details of your upcoming journey…bags, check in, perhaps something at the duty free. It would be easy to forget to push that 'start/stop' button and turn off your engine.

That's what happened to one of our customers recently. We noticed that the car engine was running. Unfortunately, we couldn't get in to press the ignition start/stop button. Eventually, the car ran out of gas.

We put a note on the vehicle to let our customer know what had happened, and when they returned, we had a jerrycan of gas ready to get them going again…at least until the gas station.

If you have a keyless car, we recommend taking a moment to double check that you've turned off the engine before leaving your car.

- Sundeep, Manager - Park & Jet

And if you are parking your car at the airport for a while, we suggest entrusting your vehicle to a company that cares…like us.

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posted May 23, 2019

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