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Did you know that for over 30 years, we have worked hard to be the best option for each YYC traveller looking for a value-based park and ride shuttle service at the Calgary International Airport?

Park and Jet Calgary is a second generation, family operated parking lot business. We love Calgary. We are your neighbours and that is why we put a lot of care into being an important start and end to your travel plans. 

Here are the top 10 reasons that our parkers keep choosing us for their YYC airport parking. 

1. Variety of YYC parking spaces to suit your needs

At Park and Jet, we take the stress out of figuring out where to park your vehicle while you're away for a trip. Compared to other long-term parking lots in the Calgary airport area, we have the largest amount of parking stalls. This means that you will likely never run the risk of showing up to find out that the lot you wanted is full, forcing you to scramble to find another parking location and risk missing your flight.

We have upgraded and redesigned our parking spaces to accommodate a variety of vehicle types and sizes. When you park with us, you will be able to access these great parking options.

22 Accessible parking stalls.

Our accessible stalls are 12 feet in width. We also provide a designated walkway or access aisles on the left and right side of your vehicle that are a minimum width of 4 feet. These parking access aisles allow ample space to transfer in and out of the vehicle with or without mobility equipment.

22 Accessible Calgary Airport Parking Stalls at Park and Jet

10 Foot Wide Parking Stalls

We don't like door dings and neither should you. That is why we widened the majority of our east side parking stalls at Park & Jet. Our goal was to make your next airport parking spot more comfortable to park in and be easier to access your vehicle contents.  Our team members have children and know the value of making it easy and safe to help children unload from and load into the car, minivan, SUV or truck without a nasty space restriction.

Easy Unload and Load Vehicle Contents with Wider Parking Stalls at Park and Jet Calgary

Oversize & Overheight Parking Stalls

Park and Jet does not have a vehicle height restriction. You can park tall trucks, vans, SUVs and other vehicles that require a clearance height greater than six feet. Our oversize parking stalls are the longest you will find for Calgary Airport parking options. These stalls can handle a total length of 30 feet. Larger commercial trucks with trailers and big format vans and SUVs love the extra length and space to easily park.

Large Commercial Vehicle Parking in Row 6 at Park and Jet

EV Parking

We are in the process of expanding our EV ("electric vehicle") charging stations. We currently offer four, new electric vehicle ("EV") parking spaces that are available on a first come, first served basis. Make sure to see the specifications about our Canadian sourced charging system. Everything you need to know about charging your vehicle while you are with us can be found here.

EV parking spaces at Park & Jet Calgary Airport

2. Affordable Calgary airport parking rates with discounts and special promotions

Don't like to do complicated math? Neither do we. That's why we designed our parking fee calculator to help you plan your next YYC parking fee. You can price your next parking trip right now. Our rates are simple and affordable so that you can plan to park with us for your next YYC departure.

Parking Fee Calculator

Price Your Next Stay Now

We know you are always looking for a great deal for Calgary Airport parking. We offer special discounts to students and faculty staff who attend or work at an Alberta based post-secondary institution. AMA members receive a discount to honour their choice to park at Park and Jet Calgary. Anyone who is over the age of 65 years can receive our Seniors discount. We also offer a variety of corporate programs to help companies manage their parking and travel expenses.

Need long term parking at the airport?

We have special parking fees established for longer stays over 21 days. 

Looking for a few hours, or one day of short term parking?

We have many customers who are working at the airport for a few hours, or a day or two who choose to park with us because of our reasonably priced daily rates and convenient access to the airport terminals.

Please check our Rates & Discounts page often to see the current discounts that we offer. 

3. Fastest access to the domestic and international terminals at the Calgary airport

Park and Jet - Calgary Airport Parking Shuttle Bus Picks You Up From Your Vehicle

When you park your vehicle with us, our shuttle bus (free to ride) will pick you and your companions up at your vehicle. You won't have to walk to a central pick up area or bus stand. Under normal road conditions, we will get you from your vehicle to your departure terminal in under 5 minutes.

The nearest, off-airport parking lots have average transport times of 9 to 15 minutes. If you move further out to the various airport hotels who offer a park, sleep, fly option, you can expect travel times greater than twenty minutes.

You also need to account for the fact that not all shuttles operate on a consistent bus schedule like we have at Park & Jet.

You can see what riding one of our regular or accessible shuttle buses is like with our helpful shuttle bus video tours.

When you return from your next trip, we will be waiting to pick you up at one of two shuttle bus bays that are located across the arrivals curb. Please follow overhead signage as you leave the Calgary Airport for directions. Our shuttle buses run on a 10 minute cycle. 

Domestic Terminal:  Bus Bay 25 located across from YYC arrivals door #7.

International Terminal: Bus Bay 30 located across from YYC arrivals door #14.

4. No sweat, no stress, convenient drop off at your YYC departure terminal door

Even when you think you are parking close to the airport, you might not realize the physical effort that is required to pull luggage and walk to the domestic or international terminal on time to reach your departure gate. 

What if no luggage carts are available?

What if the weather is cold, wet or you find yourself in a blizzard with piles of snow to walk through?

Then what happens if the elevators are crowded and you need to wait another 7 minutes before you get to your gate? 

When you park and ride with us, we take you from your vehicle to the exact departure terminal door so that you minimize the amount of walking, luggage pulling, or pushing required. You will arrive in comfort and ready to take the next steps from our bus at the departure curb to your airline ticketing counter.

This is much safer for groups of people travelling together as you will all arrive safely at the same time which will offer moms and dads greater peace of mind knowing everyone is together and accounted for.

More convenient, less sweaty way to get to the Calgary Airport departure terminal door

5. Fast exit with multiple ways to pay for parking

The last thing you want after a busy day of travel is a long wait to pay to exit the parking lot. We are excited to let you know that Park and Jet Calgary installed a new parking equipment system at our location. Our goal was to implement the most current technology and customer friendly parking system that allows you to pay and exit in less than one minute.

We currently offer these payment options at the in-lane payment stations:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

You can follow the instructions in this video to see how easy it is to pay for your parking fee.

6. We are at the facility and open 24 hours per day to serve you and take care of your vehicle

Helpful customer service for any questions or assistance you might need is just a phone or device away. We have helpful Parking Ambassadors who will greet you upon your arrival. Our experienced Shuttle Bus Drivers will help you safely load your luggage onto and from our free shuttle service.

Our management and maintenance team members work on-site at Park & Jet, 24 hours each day. This means that your vehicle will be well cared for while you are away. 

We Serve Our Customers 24 Hours per Day at Park & Jet Calgary

Park & Jet is a fully gated and fenced self parking facility. We park vehicles in dedicated rows when you enter so that we make your departure and arrival process easy.

If you have questions, we are here to help you. Please visit our Contact Us page to reach out to us.

7. Online reservation & prepay options to secure a parking stall before arrival

Park & Jet offers two convenient ways to reserve parking for your next flight that departs from the Calgary Airport. Both methods are easy to access and help provide you peace of mind knowing that your long-term parking will be booked online and waiting for you so that you can get onto other critical parts of planning your next trip.

Pay At The Lot Reservation:

You can reserve your next parking space right now without any prepayment. With this option, you only pay for parking when you end your parking stay at Park & Jet. 


(Pay Upon Exit)

Prepay & Save Reservation:

We offer a great discount when you use our prepaid reservation service. You will be able to select your trip details and receive a confirmation email receipt along with your QR access code that enable you to enter and exit our Calgary International Airport parking facility.


(Pay Now Online)

8. Drive home in a clean vehicle

We added a complimentary vehicle care station near our exit plaza in the lot that offers you free vehicle care when parking with us. You will want to stop at our vehicle care station before you leave our parking facility for the drive home. You will receive free access to these great services.

  • Tire Inflation
  • Vacuum Service
  • Windshield Washing Service
  • Garbage and recycle cans
Vehicle Refresh Station at Park and Jet Calgary - YYC Airport

9. We are easy to find with driving tours and directions

Park and Jet is located at 2222 Airport Ave NE Calgary, Alberta, T3J 3C6 Canada. We have seven helpful driving videos that will help you make your drive into Park & Jet easy. 

Driving to Park and Jet Calgary at YYC Airport from Deerfoot Trail -Alberta Highway 2
Driving to Park and Jet Calgary at YYC Airport from Barlow Trail Tunnel Connection

10. Earn Aeroplan loyalty points here

Park & Jet Calgary is proud to be a partner of the Aeroplan program from Air Canada. You can collect a generous amount of Aeroplan points when you park with us when travelling from the Calgary Airport (YYC). If you want more information about our partnership and how Aeroplan works when you park with us, please visit our Aeroplan FAQs resource.

New Aeroplan Loyalty Program at Park & Jet Calgary

We know you have many transportation and Calgary airport parking options when planning your trip. Driving your own vehicle to the airport offers you increased flexibility and other personal benefits when travelling. We hope that our top 10 reasons to choose Park and Jet Calgary demonstrates our commitment to be a positive start and finish to your next trip departing from the Calgary Airport.

On behalf of our team, we look forward to meeting you on your next trip.

posted May 4, 2023

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