Top 10 Tips for Backpackers (and Other Travellers)

Sorry if your backpack is already organized…

but we just had to share with you these 10 super travel hacks before you go.

Inside your backpack

1. Use a bin liner (trash bag) to waterproof your backpack.

This way, even if the outside of your backpack gets wet, the things inside will stay nice and dry.

2. Roll up your clothes before packing them.

Forming your wearables into tight 'sausages' not only saves space but also reduces fabric wrinkles. Keeps you looking fresher without an iron.

3. Binder clip your razor.

Binder clips (aka foldover clips) are those black (usually), wide clips that you open by pressing back on the metal 'wings' and then lock by bringing the 'wings' forward. Anyway… put one over the blade of your razor. In that way, you won't slice open any fingers while fumbling around in your toiletries bag (wash bag).

In case of emergency

4. Scan and screenshot your journey in advance.

Before you travel, scan your passport(s). Screenshot your itinerary and any bookings you made (hotel, travel, activities, etc.). Make sure all the scans and screenshots are downloaded to your phone. In the event of theft or loss, you will have all your info even without wifi access.

5. Use a dummy wallet.

Put a few things into the wallet so that it looks real at first glance: a small but convincing amount of money, perhaps a few old pictures or shopping coupons, etc. The idea is to have this wallet in a place pickpockets would most likely go to, such as an outer pocket. Keep your real one in an inner pocket or a pouch strapped under your clothes.

More enriched travelling

6. Fill a small bottle with mild, handwashing detergent.

Hotel soaps and shampoos are usually not great at getting clothes clean, and you might be far from a laundromat or laundry service.

7. Store spices in straws and small containers.

Planning on cooking? You might not find the tastes you like, so take them with you.

8. Remember a water bottle + purification tablets.

Keep healthier by drinking water you know you can trust.

Travel for less

9. Give up your seat.

On overbooked flights, airlines are quite generous with those who agree to catch a later plane. Perks include cash vouchers for future air travel, upgraded seats, and free food.

10. Eat local.

Look in the window of the restaurant. Is it filled with the people who live there and not a bunch of tourists? Chances are the food is a whole lot better and much less expensive.


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posted February 11, 2020

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