Top 5 Airport Parking Tips!

When you park your car at the airport, your trip truly becomes a reality.

Usually, that means feelings of anticipation and excitement of the good times ahead.

To help get your trip off to that good start, here are Park & Jet Calgary's 5 top tips.

Tip #1: Compare prices

Did you know that the longer your car is parked at the airport, the cheaper it is overall?

And you probably were aware that not all airport parking lots are priced equally.

So, get a quote before you book.

You will get your quote directly, no need to give any further information (like email) or sign up for anything.

Tip #2: Get the best deal

Once you've gotten your quote, shop around for deals. Yes, deals.

Most airport parking services offer a variety of bonuses and discounts.

Park & Jet examples include the early reservation discount, bonus Aeroplan miles and special prices for Automobile Association members.

Tip #3: Theft deterrents

It is recommended to choose a well-lit parking spot. It is further recommended to leave your car interior neat and empty—no bags, no clothes or towels, which may suggest that they are hiding valuable items, etc.

But guess what?

Park & Jet is a secure, fully fenced and well-lit parking facility that is staffed 24 hours a day. Plus, you take your car keys with you.

So, not an issue.

Tip #4: Be smart about transfer time

No matter how close the airport parking is to the terminal or how often the free shuttles run, you are still going to have a trip.

Busy airport times such as holidays mean that that trip is going to take more time. You may have to wait for the next shuttle due to crowding. The traffic at the airport itself may be congested with more vehicles picking up and dropping off.

The Park & Jet shuttle picks you up directly at your car and takes you to your departure terminal…same for the return. One way is about 15-20 minutes. So, it is the fastest trip possible.

Even so, we suggest doubling the trip time for busy periods.

Tip #5: Verify reliability

Park & Jet is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

And you know that means a business you can trust.

Reserve your airport parking for a stress-free vacation!

posted November 19, 2019

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