Top Festivals in the World During April

Festivals all over the world are something that everyone needs to experience. There’s no better way for a traveler to immerse themselves in a culture by celebrating music, art, food, and traditions from a different country.

If you are looking for a top festivals in the world to travel to, you’ve come to the right spot. We have rounded up the top festivals in the world for April.

Semana Santa

Where: Antigua, Guatemala, and Seville, Spain

When: Easter Week

Easter week, also known as Holy Week, is a big deal for the Catholic religions. In Spanish speaking countries, such as Antigua, Guatemala, and Spain, you can find festivals that celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Oftentimes, the streets of these Spanish speaking countries come to life, adorned with breathtakingly elaborate carpets, flower petals, and people dressed in outfits.

During Semana Santa, dozens of people dress in deep-purple robes and carry floats that feature Christ and the Virgin Mary throughout the city’s streets. The most elaborate time of them all is on Good Friday, when the most extravagant of the parades take place. The processions are long, the floats are heavy, and it is usually an emotional time. If you are headed to one of these locations, do not miss out on these sights to see.

World Marbles Championship

Where: England

When: Good Friday

If you happen to be in England during Good Friday, you won’t want to miss the marbles championship. Chances are, you’ve probably played marbles as a kid, and however, you probably never knew there was a world championship at stake. The World Marbles Championship is held each year in the West Sussex pub as 140 competitors from around the world vie to compete against each other. Competitors from Germany, Europe, and the USA, travel to England for a chance at their title.

If you are attending the marble championship as a spectator, chances are that you’ll participate in lots of heavy drinking. Along with this, you’ll find nearby attractions such as the Millennium Seed bank, which is near the Tinsley Green.

Songkran Water Festival

Where: Thailand

When: April 13-15

The Songkran Water Festival, also known as the Thai New Year, marks a time when the entire country literally goes to water. Part ceremonial and part riot, Songkran is an occasion when images of Buddha are ‘bathed’ and young Thais have scented water poured on their hands by their elders.

Traditionally, water was supposed to be placed gently, however, it is evolved into a small water fight. It’s held in the peak of the hot season so Thais view Songkran as a time to cool off. The celebration is held for three days as water balloons are launched at participants and hoses are turned onto pedestrians.

+++New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

Where: Fair Grounds, New Orleans, USA

When: Last weekend of April and first weekend of May

If you are a jazz lover or love music in general, then you have to visit the New Orleans Jazz Fest. During the last weekend of April, the ‘Jazz Fest’ is the second biggest reason to party, after Mardi Gras, of course.

The Jazz Fest began as an event to celebrate the city’s 250th birthday in 1968. Famous musicians such as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Dave Brubeck first swarmed to the city. With more than 10 stages across the two weekends, you are sure to find music that suits your earbuds.

For more information about top festivals month-by-month, visit Lonely Planet.

posted March 16, 2016

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