Travel Tips for Long Flights

Taking off soon for a faraway destination?

Here are three top tips to help adults and children have a more pleasant long flight experience.


Long flights can interfere with our sleep patterns, but innovative products can help us get some rest more easily.

For adults: weighted blankets

The manufacturer adds small pieces (pellets, discs or beads) of polypropylene plastic or glass to provide the weight.

Data shows that weighted blankets soothe the user, helping to reduce the body's cortisol level. Since cortisol is our main stress hormone, stress levels are reduced. In addition, levels of serotonin (the 'feel-good' hormone) are increased.

Users feel relaxed, comfortable, and safe, allowing them to sleep better.

For young children and toddlers: kid pillows/beds/cushions

Many products on the market make creative use of the airplane legroom (the space between the end of the seat and the back of the seat in front).

There are single, squarish pillows which fit into the legroom of only one seat, leaving the remaining seat(s) with legroom for adults or larger children.

There are also longer, rectangular pillows/beds/cushions which fit into the legroom of several seats (from the window to the aisle).

More sleeping space helps kids spread out for a better rest.

Their parents get to rest, too.

Entertainment for all

Most airlines have extensive entertainment systems. However, some don't, and even with those that do, there can be technical issues, making the system unusable.

No entertainment on a long flight is tough.

So, load up your devices in two ways.

Way #1: Store lots of movies, videos, songs, etc. on your devices. Make sure to have a good selection for everyone travelling.

Way#2: Make sure each device is fully charged. Bring along extra power packs.

And don't forget headphones…just in case.

General comfort and nutrition

Dress in layers. Air cabin temperatures can range from very cold to very warm. The airline blanket may not be enough during the cold times, and you will want to remove something when it is hot.

Bring snacks. Food service is very airline-specific. On long flights, almost all airlines will serve you a meal at the start of the flight and one shortly before landing.

What about in between?

Some offer snacks and some don't. So, be prepared…especially if you are flying with little tummies, which get hungry more often.

Take an empty water bottle. We all know the importance of keeping hydrated during a long flight.

Long flights tend to be on large capacity airplanes. So, the flight attendants could be busy when you need them to bring you a drink. (And we know how often kids say they are thirsty!)

If you are in the window or middle seat, you might have to disturb other passengers (who may be sleeping) when you get out to go to the airplane galley (kitchen).

Filling up an empty water bottle can make it easier for you or your children to get the fluid you need without disturbing anyone.

But no matter whether your flight is long or short…

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posted October 15, 2019

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