Travelling Light at Christmas

Going home for the holidays? Need to pack gifts for family and friends?

Winter clothes already add weight to your suitcase.

The suitcase restrictions of many of the cheaper flight tickets mean that the last thing you want to spend your weight limit on is heavy, bulky holiday gifts.

You also want something that…

  • won't break.
  • won't spill.
  • won't get damaged in any other way.

We've got some perfect Christmas gift ideas that fit all the criteria above.

Gift Cards

Many people don't like giving money, but this is a little different.

You have taken the time to select a shop that suits your loved one.

What you are not doing is burdening them with having to exchange the item you thought was perfect but they thought was…um…less than that.

We think that's thoughtful!

Password Books

Ideally, we should remember our passwords in our heads. For security-risk passwords such as the bank, that's a good idea.

Today, though, most of us are on more websites than we can count…and all of them need a password.

Password books can help. They are flat, small, and light (some are only 20 grams/0.7 ounces).

With those statistics, perhaps everyone on your list needs one!


If you are up on their likes and dislikes, a piece of jewellery is an inspired choice.

Jewellery usually weighs very little and takes up almost no space…but makes a big statement.

These days, there are jewellery 'wearables' for both guys and gals of all ages, which means more options for more people.

Tea Gift Box

Cold winter nights are perfect for hot cups of tea.

A selection of tea bags in a box is the answer. The sturdy, cardboard (or metal) gift box ensures that the bags inside don't get damaged.

Some of the smaller tea bag gift sets have wonderful collections of flavors…and won't take up too much space or weight in your bag.

There are humorous options, too. Google "goldfish tea bags," for example.

Kids Project Kits

Kids as young as 3 are interested in making things, and this goes for boys and girls alike.

Here are some of the kits available: science experiments; suncatchers and mobiles; robots; hand and finger puppets; electronic items; jewellery; vehicles on land, sea, and air; and dollhouse furniture.

Besides being fun, project kits teach kids skills and give them a feeling of accomplishment. This can improve their self-esteem. (Always a good thing!)

Many of the better project kits are smaller because they don't waste space on fillers and unimportant packaging. So, they suit your suitcase perfectly.

Happy holidays from all of us at Park&Jet!

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posted December 12, 2019

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