Travelling Tips on a Budget

Let’s face it. Vacations are good for our well-being. Sometimes, it’s just necessary to get away for a few days, spend time with loved ones, and relax. Unfortunately, our wallets don’t always allow us to take the most elaborate vacations. In an effort to help you get away, without spending a fortune, we’ve rounded up our top tips and resources for you.

Check Airfares Regularly

If flying has seemed too pricey in the past few years, you may want to recheck fares. In 2008, airlines cut capacity so they were able to survive without discounting fares too much. Because of the current economy, we are likely to see some price cutting. One app to help you get the lowest fares is Hopper. Hopper alerts you when to fly and buy to get the best deals on your flight.

Rent a House or Condo

For families or groups, renting can be a lot cheaper than paying for the same number of beds in a hotel. This is also an excellent option for smaller destinations where hotels are scarce. Visit Home Away, WYNDHAM Vacation Rentals and Interhome USA for listings.

Swap Houses

Another less common option is a home-exchange program. If you are willing to let a stranger sleep in your bed, you can join this program for an annual fee of about $100. You can list your home and gain access to a database of other members' homes worldwide. Check out Home Exchange for more information. Just remember to invest in a safe, and lock up all of your valuables!

Travel Off Season

If you are travelling at peak times, choose an off-season location. For example, during the summer months, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and even South America are still pleasant excursions but are less crowded than during the winter months.

Plan Before you Go

Going into your vacation with a plan and a budget is a good idea, especially if you tend to overspend and then suffer later. Take into consideration your daily meals, transportation costs, and extra activities. Have your family make a list of their “must-do’s” while travelling, to see what is feasible for you.

What are your best tips for travelling on a budget?

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posted July 5, 2018

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